Volunteer at a learning center in Blantyre Malawi.


AECD association offers volunteer positions in Malawi – Help us to promote sustainable community development.

Growing from Education is an association based in Madrid, (Spain) dedicated to development projects through educational and training channels, always with the intention of guaranteeing its sustainability and integrity.

Description – Growing from Education Project


I’m Rober from Spain, for the next months I will be building a learning centre, close to Blantyre (Malawi) and to support this project for some years.

I’m part from an Association to develop the countryside in Malawi and in some countries more as it can be Cambodia and Nepal.

The project is focused on taking advance about the resources around and improve the education in the local people.

For that, we have an amazing project that we are starting right now.

I love to know new people from everywhere and share knowledge that can help to make a better world for everybody, always I try to mix with the local people because is when you can learn what is happening in the place where I like to work and give a hand.

Type of help

  • Gardening
  • Building
  • Cooking/shopping.
  • General Maintenance
  • Farmstay
  • Help with Eco project
  • Help in the house
  • Helping with Tourists
  • Charity work
  • Language practice
  • Art project
  • Other
  • Teaching


We are starting a new project in Malawi, very close to the chileka airport, Milala. We are building a learning centre in that area.

The project is based on education through of a sustainable life, taking advance of the natural resources around, and improve the education of the local people.

Right now we are building the centre and we need people who can give us a hand, everybody is welcome to help with this amazing project. People around need new ways to build and new bits of knowledge about works, English speaking, farming, permaculture design, eco-building…

We’ll go to pick you up from the Chileka international airport, it’s just 20 minutes.

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

You will be in a local community with local people, of course, you will learn some Chichewa words, traditions from here…. there are many things to do, many things to learn and many things to share. The cultural exchange will be very rich for you. The wonderful of this project that it’s supported by local people, so it’s not touristic, you will see the reality in Malawi and how people live, living with them and sharing time with them.

Languages spoken

Spanish, English, Chichewa.

The exchange: accommodation offered

The accommodation right now will be in a house with us, a Spanish man and my Malawian partnership.

When the centre will be built we’ll move there, is very close, just 100 meters.

Some things to know would be: There is a solar panel it means that to get electricity we depend on the sun (we have also a big battery), no wifi, there is water from a well very close, where you can enjoy and have very rich cultural exchange, some shops nearly where is possible to buy food and whatever thing you need. it’s possible to move very easy from here, there are always people around who can drive for you on a motorbike or on a bicycle.
The place where we are living is a house from the headmaster from the primary school, where we are also helping in the primary school and preschool, supporting them in teaching and with some school materials.
The house has 3 rooms, we cook with fire and take shower with the water collected from the well in a bathroom, inside of the house and the toilet is a latrine, just a 5 meter from the house outside. We can provide a mattress (no mosquitera net), we are sleeping in the tent over the mattress inside, it’s more comfortable.

It’s not possible to provide food right now,

we have a lot of expenses but here it’s not too expensive the life, also you could deal with someone from the community who could cook for you.

Contact Details

Call +34 603 65 82 10


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