Child Care Project in Angola: come and volunteer with us!

The goal of this project is to provide assistance to child centers that are usually fully loaded due to the high levels of hunger and poverty.

Usually those centers are with low resources and with a high need of volunteer work.

This project is perfect for volunteers with interest in working with children.

Activities you can make:

- Help with the cleaning- Help with child chores such as: bathing, dressing, feeding, etc
- Development of recreational activities with The kids
- Teach English, sports, arts or any other thing that may help with education of the kids
- Reading Stories

There’s always a lot to do so we ask our volunteers to bĂȘ engaged in making a difference!

Other info:

Must speak English, Spanish or Portuguese and be over 18.


1 to 8 weeks

When to go: 

The project is open during whole years except in February


Volunteers stay in a local volunteer house, like in many regions of Angola it is possible to have problems with energy, water , low or non existing WiFi so is necessary that the volunteer understands that this will take you out of your comfort zone.

Breakfast is prepared and offered to the volunteers, but other meals are prepared by the volunteers.



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