Join our volunteering opportunities in East Indonesia - TAMAN DAUN ngo

Call for Volunteers ( Urgently Needed )

Are you interested in doing any voluntarily social activities?

 Are you passionate about helping people in remote places?
Please join us at TAMAN DAUN, Lembata , East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
TAMAN DAUN is the name of a non-goverment (Social) community founded in 1987.
The community has been involving in improving local people's literacy by building more than 149 reading spots (reading parks), which spread out in East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.
Due to the high demand of people voluntarily working at these reading parks (several of which are located at remote villages), we really need passionate volunteers at any ages who really assist us (teaching students at these visited villages based on your knowledge and expertise).

The volunteers will be placed at a few locations for a certain period.

Taman Daun will provide several supporting facilities as follow,
  • 1. Picking up from the Wunopito Lembata airport
  • 2. Language assistants (when needed)
  • 3. Transportation from Taman Daun to and from visited villages
  • 4. Accommodation at visited villages.
 We guarantee that it is worth taking part in this voluntary works.
You will be welcomed by beautiful natural views and smiling faces of local people are enthusiastically waiting for your coming.
We can give you our exact travel route, as well as the Addresses/contact numbers and more informations about the projects.
Just write us a message.
Bring other companion volunteer with you!


Call +62 813-3853-9434


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