Volunteer possibility in Brazil in environment NGO for end of October/ entire November!

Hello everybody,

The Reforestation NGO Iracambi is looking desperately for volunteers until the end of November. 

It is located in the remains of the Atlantic Rainforest and works in close collaboration with local farmers. 

volunteering in Brazil
The farmers suffer of missing water and degraded soils because of years of intense conventional agriculture. The only solution to bring back water is to plant trees in the former lands of the Atlantic Rainforest. But planting trees is not just bringing back water but also biodiversity and a nutrient-rich soil. That is were Iracambi helps. Alone the farmers would be never able to reforest such big areas.

Apart from this the NGO shows also alternative ways of producing food, via Agroforestry. A Food system were eatable plants get integrated in an natural ecosystem.

If you are interested in tropical agricultural systems, vegetable gardens and Reforestation they would love to welcome you! 

You can start to volunteer up to now and they would need help until end of November. If you are just available for a shorter period in this time, it is also possible! 


Normally the NGO charges a fee for Food, accommodation and internet but for this working-intense time in October/November they offer special conditions for people who would like to volunteer.


Just send an e-mail to 

Check also their website/Facebook
Volunteering in Brazil


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