Help us a few hours a day in exchange of hospitality in Quebec, Canada

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The Exchange

Hospitality exchange in CanadaDuring the winter, under snow, we are looking for a housecaretaker: a few hours a day cooking and maintaning the house clean.

We offer you FOOD and a nice ROOM,

wifi, access to the house, TV, near a bus…

10 miles from Ottawa the capital of Canada

We speak English, French and a little spanish.

In the summertime

In summer, the ideal voluntourist will help in our private garden of alpine plants and also on an organic farm.


We like sharing, teaching work and cook food, eat together at regular hours the same food or so and wash the dishes.


The candidate must be single, free from cigarette, perfume and pets.

We are close to Ottawa and will let you alone the evenings and the week-end.


Quiet setting.

She/he must offer help instead of being told.

Questions are welcome.

Interested? Please see contact details below.


Please contact us through Facebook


Hospitality exchange in Canada

Author: Voluntouring staff

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2 thoughts on “Help us a few hours a day in exchange of hospitality in Quebec, Canada

  1. I would like to work for any disabled person in Canada as a full time care taker. I have 12 year experience working in disability sector.

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