Help at Unity Eco Village to build a recycling center in Nepal

volunteering in Pokhara

Unity Eco village Chapakot -We are looking For voluntourists! Whether you have an hour or day to spare, you can make a difference. We are especially currently in need of the following:

We are looking for some volunteers for the ‘Recycling plastic bottles’ project and ‘Building a recycling station’ project in Pokhara, Nepal at Unity Eco Village.ย You’re invited to participate in the Reconstruction of remote Villages in Nepal and building an eco-environmental and plastic-free village. A plastic-recycling station in Pokhara.

Update October 2020 โ€“ย Eco bricks plastic bottle recycling project

We are looking some helping hand for making Eco bricks building garden Cottage and wash Room and other things
Plastic bottle can be used to make an eco brick. The bottle and the packed plastic are clean and dry to prevent the growth of bacteria. Plastic is cut or ripped into small pieces then packed little by little, alternating between adding the plastic and compacting it, layer by layer. The bottle is rotated with each press to ensure the plastic is evenly compacted throughout the bottle.

Our story

The Unity Ecovillage is an environmental-based registered non-government entity operating on the local level.ย We are an operational NGO, meaning we plan and carry out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish our objectives.ย This requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement for each project.

Our goal as an organization is to accomplish the following:
  • Conservation and restoration of a clean healthy environment and wildlife.
  • Reduce the impact of global warming and climate change.
  • Measures to prevent natural disasters
  • Sustainable organic farming and futuristic living Problem Statement

The contest

In todayโ€™s date, the Globe is in developing phase of Globalization where the secondary needs are just being approached with haphazard industrialization, urbanization and unmanaged wastage disposal systems. This creates a mess such as mass carbon production, pollution, waste chemical production and deforestation for Nature where litter in the environment is an ongoing problem. However, one of the most pressing environmental challenges that we are faced with today is marine plastic debris.

  • Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the marine. Currently, it is estimated that there are 100 million tons of plastic in oceans around the world.
  • It is expected that another 60 billion pounds will be produced this year alone. In some areas, the buildup of plastics is estimated to span 5 million square miles. To put it into perspective, that is the equivalent of the area of the U.S. plus India.
The two common sources of marine debris are:
  1. Land-based, which includes litter from peoples, as well as debris that has either blown into the water resources or been washed in with stormwater runoff.
  2. Marine-based, which includes garbage disposed at water resources by ships municipality, as well as fishing debris, such as plastic strapping from bait boxes, discarded fishing line or nets, and derelict fishing gear.

While discarded fishing gear takes its toll on the marine environment by entangling marine life and destroying life beneath, it only comprises an estimated 20% of all marine debris โ€“ a staggering 80% of all marine debris stems from land-based sources.ย This is not that surprising, considering that around 50% of all plastics are single-use items.

Volunteer at Unity Eco-village

If you think this is a good cause, use the contact details below to get in touch with (please, not the comment section!)

Hours of help

We only ask you for a few hours a day

Food and Accommodation

Accommodation in recycle plastic bottle house.
The food, volunteers have to cook it for themselves. Weย  can provide a gas stove and cooking equipment

Feed transparency

We don’t charge any fees

Feel free to ask more questions about this volunteer opportunity in Nepal. Use the contact details section below (not the comment section)


If you are interested inย  contributing to our cause, write us an e-mail

or join us on facebook:ย



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  1. Hi Iโ€™m in Nepal for a few months & wondered what volunteer opportunities you had ? Thanks Jodie

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