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More Than English is a project that promotes English learning in Colombia and allows foreigners to really get involved with the Colombian culture. Also, it is perfect for people who want to learn Spanish or improve their Spanish level!

At the moment we are offering these projects for 2019:

1) Cultural HOUSE

To study English in Colombia is something that not everybody can afford.

Academies are really expensive and not always offer the best quality.

So we created a cultural house where people can come and learn English at a low cost.

For this project, we offer accommodation

and a wage of 800.000 COP.

โ‡’It is important the person gets committed at least for 6monthsโ‡.

Also in some cases, it is needed that the person applies for a visa, we support you with all the docs.

In our cultural centre, we have students from 7 years old till 80 ๐Ÿ˜€ .

2) School MTE

This project is for teaching English in rural schools in Colombia.

โ‡’It is necessary that the person gets involved with the project for ten months.โ‡

This project goes from middle January till the end of November.

For being part of this project is necessary to apply for a VISA.

The schools provide the person accommodation, breakfast and lunch from Monday to Friday, medical insurance and a kind of wage around the $240 US (800.000COP)

3) P.E MTE

This project is for working as a physical education assistant in rural schools in Colombia.

The person can get involved in this project for short periods (e.g. a month).

The project goes from January to November, so the person can be part of this anytime during this time.

It`s not necessary to apply for any visas.

The conditions for this project are accommodation and lunch from Monday to Friday.


We have some requirements to apply for any of our projects:

  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Bachelor’s degree in any human studies (prefered)
  • Education majors and classroom experience (prefered)
  • Enjoy leading groups and teaching young and children (really important),
  • Good lesson planning and organization skills
  • Be tolerant and patient
  • Be really FLEXIBLE
  • Love for teaching
  • Good presentation
  • Attendance at staff meetings
  • Initiative and creativity
  • Open to foreign cultures and living abroad
  • High level of responsibility
  • International insurance (important)

Also, this project is addressed to people who:
  • – want to learn, improve or practise Spanish
  • – are interested in living in South America (Colombia is the new country of South America. 20 years ago things were hard, but now is completely different. The country is in the process of transformation and is full kindness and most of travellers called the best country of S.A)
  • – like teaching
  • – want to help to make Colombia bilingual (the idea of the project is to incentive bilingualism in the rural areas of the country, the nation is changing and it requires that the new generations speak English. Some people in the cities can communicate in English but the people who live in small cities around not really as there are not proper methodologies yet. )
Before applying there are some important things to consider:
  • -Personal stress management is important when working in the field. Consider how you handle yourself in stressful situations and if this could impact how you work with students.
  • -Due to a variety of unpredictable factors, you will likely feel uncomfortable at some point in time โ€“ whether itโ€™s due to food, conditions, accommodation, time, or cultural differences.
  • -The volunteerโ€™s workload is demanding and requires long hours.

Being part of our project has not got any cost, however, the applicant must cover flight tickets and a visa when it is required. Attached you can find our application form. If you want to start the process please fill it and send it back with your CV.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



I invite you to see our website

e-mail: more.than.english@hotmail.com

and our FB: https://www.facebook.com/morethanenglishcolombia/

Instagram: More Than English Colombia

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDKfLOXJXznxyIQM_FCoHeg



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  1. Hi am very intetested, do you consider, someone without a degree and is prepared. To learn do the Tefel course, while working for you.
    If yes, have to find a job now, then will have funds, be intetested if possible.Have been a teacher before(but just teaching skiing) c u Caroline

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