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NGO, non profit, volunteering

General information

NGO, non profit, volunteering
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CLED Ghana is committed to providing special education and related services to enhance quality of life for young people with learning differences and special needs through assessment and intervention, educators training, school support services, awareness and advocacy.


Education, Teaching.

We work with young people with learning differences, special needs, their families, teachers and those who work with them.

Our projects and learning opportunities for volunteers include:

1. Clinical Teaching

We train volunteers to support and learn from CLED Ghana’s Clinical Teaching to:

  • Screen students with learning difficulties to determine baseline data
  • Create and implement universally designed lessons with eligible children
  • Differentiate lessons to meet student needs
  • Track progress of students on the clinical teaching program weekly
  • And write end of week report
2. Irlen Syndrome Clinic in Schools

We train volunteers to support and learn from CLED Ghana’s Irlen Syndrome Clinic to:

  • Visit schools to educate students and teachers about Irlen Syndrome.
  • Screen to identify students with Irlen Syndrome who see print distortions when reading
  • Give identified and eligible students with colour overlays to remedy the condition
  • Track progress of students on the Irlen Syndrome Clinic program weekly
  • And write end of week report
3. Career and Transition Clinics

We train volunteers to support and learn from CLED Ghana’s Career and Transition Clinics to:

  •  Work one-on-one or small group career counseling for students
  • Help students to set career and transition goals
  • Teach students study skills
  • And write weekly activity report
4. Hand Washing Outreach

We train volunteers to support and learn from CLED Ghana’s Hand washing Outreach to:

  • Visit schools to educate and motivate students to develop the culture of hand washing daily living skills
  • Help schools to set hand washing programs
  • And write weekly activity report Medical Volunteering
  • We orient volunteers to support and learn from partner local hospitals through shadowing professional doctors and nurses in the departments ENT, Maternity and Midwifery, records, child welfare clinics, consultancy among others.
5. Administration
  • Help seek for fundraising opportunities and campaigns to support the organization
  • Help improve volunteers recruit programs
  • Social media and website updating
  • Graphics designing
  • Photo/Videography Customized volunteer activities are also welcome.

How many volunteers do you usually need?

As many as possible (individuals, families and groups are welcome).


When do you usually need volunteers? For how long?

We need volunteers on a rolling basis, all year round.

Short term ranging from 4-12weeks and long term from 12 -45 weeks.

How many hours are the volunteers expected to help?

4-5 hours per day

How many days of help per week?

5 days per week

Are accommodation and food included?


NGO, non profit, volunteering abroad

Accommodation type

Host family with a private bedroom

What are the volunteers’ benefits?

We award you with the volunteering certificate and local kente cloth on the completion of the agreed period with us.

You have the opportunity to learn about local culture and language.

Extra activities during free time?

At free times volunteers are supported to visit and learn from special places like tourist sites, biggest shopping mall in west Africa, crocodile villages, canopy walk, local craft, church, game parks, dinner, storytelling and local language learning sessions.

Do you charge fees?

Because we are not for profit NGO each volunteer makes a daily contribution of $25 for accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, airport pick up and drop off, utility bills and host family compensation.

To have a rich cultural experience volunteers are host by a local family we work with and each volunteer is given his/her private room.

VISA issue

We CANNOT provide Visa but I can offer invitation letter, assistance and information

Languages Spoken

Basic spoken and written English and our local Twi language

Cultural and geographic info

Ghana is the most peaceful country in West Africa and we have good security agencies and we give volunteer emergency contact lines of the security agencies, hospitals and CLED Ghana staff.

How to get there? (Costs and Transportation)

We meet and pick up volunteers from the Accra international airport in Ghana about 60 minutes’ drive to the project location.

Yes, you can have internet sticks and wifi.

Contact Details


⇓Use our contact details⇓ website, phone number, social pages, to get in touch with us


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