Volunteer at IVA Educational Farm in Serbia

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We are building an education farm for young people from Serbia for biodynamic agriculture and permaculture and we offer a wwoof-type experience.

General description

wwoof in SerbiaVolunteering at IVA-Farm is an incredibly rich experience.

Here we become gardeners, animal-carers, children-carers, cooks, artists, wood choppers, builders, creative and exchanging people, raising our spiritual understanding of the world and becoming change-makers in a growing community.

wwoof in Serbia

How many volunteers do you usually need?
Between 2-3
When do you usually need volunteers? For how long?
Whole season long for a minimum of 2 weeks, possible is also a stay up to 3 month
How many hours are the volunteers expected to help?
7-8 hours.

Here we need to work 7-8 hours per day with a good reason:

to give and to receive knowledge and to make the world a better place.

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How many days of help per week?
5 days per week
Are accommodation and food included?
What type of accommodation can you provide?
Shared rooms
What are the volunteers’ benefits?
Cultural exchange, workshops, free tours to Art of Life Hostel, free hosting in the Art of Life Hostel in weekends, unique way of learning and sharing.
Extra activities during free time?
Easy reachability of Belgrade and Šabac. Possible to get leaded experiential walks through nature and learning about eatable wild plant life.
wwoof in Serbia
Do you charge fees? (If yes, please specify how much and why)
Visa – can you provide Visa support/info?
Unfortunately, I cannot provide Visa, nor pay transportation costs
In order to get a visa, you need to get to us during the first 24 hours of your entrance in Serbia.
You need a border stamp in your passport!
Which language will be spoken?
English, Serbian, German
Public transport (bus)
from Beograd – 1h40min

Exiting the central train station go to the left to the red bus station BAS (Beogradska Autobuska Stanica) and there buy a ticket to Baraka (“Jednu kartu za Baraku, molim”). Go with your ticket to enter the bus station and choose your bus halt according to the nr. on the ticket. It also mentions time and tour operator (mostly Euro Trans-tours). The Peron number shows, from where the bus is exactly leaving.

The trip takes about 1h20min and the bus will either go to Koceljeva or to Šabac, both over Obrenovac. (There is a bus going to Šabac over the highway northbound the Sava river but it doesn’t stop in Barake, so don’t take it!) After Obrenovac you will pass the power plant (it’s on your left hand) – then it is still 20 minutes drive. After the village Debrc, it is ca 5 min. Don’t get out here! There is a sing saying Jazovnik, but that is not our village. There is also a petrol station, but it is small and not open When you see a huge white 24h petrol station ‘Slap’ on your right-hand side you will see the direction mark (Jalovik) pointing to the left. Go to the front and make sure they put you out at the bus stop. It’s on a T-split. There is the MM-Market, the Domovina restaurant, a building material company called Drvoimpex, across the road another restaurant Laguna, and an expensive villa. Walk from there a bit back into the direction you came from and follow the sign ‘Jalovik’ to the right. After ca. 1,5 km at the first house on the right-hand side turn the left on a dusty road of ca 120 m and you run into our gates.
from Beograd
Go along the central train station in the direction of the main post office and follow this road straight ahead. The E760 will go under the highway and along the World Trade Centre and goes after several traffic lights left, but stay straight on what becomes the Obrenovacki put, M19. Follow it till Obrenovac and follow there the signs to Šabac. At the 1st set of traffic lights in Obrenovac turn right (you will cross 2-speed ramps), at the 2nd set turn left, the 3rd straight ahead and the 4th right to come back to M19.
When you pass the power plant (it is on your left hand) it is still 20 minutes drive. After the village Debrc it is ca 5 min. When you see a huge white 24h petrol station on you right hand side you will see the direction mark Jalovik pointing to the left. At this T-split left is a big stone with engraved cyrillic alphabet. Turn left and follow for ca. 1,5 km until the first house on the right and slow down to turn left onto a dusty road of ca 120 m and you are there.
from Šabac
Looking towards the main bus station go left and turn right at the second set of traffic lights in the direction of Obrenovac. Follow the road until the transit road where you go left. This is the M19. After ca. 15 km a direction sign shows ‘Jalovik’ to the right. At this T-split is at the right side stone with an engraved Cyrillic alphabet. Follow this road for ca. 1,5 km until the first house on the right-hand side and slow down to turn left onto a dusty road of ca 120m and you are there.
Is there internet access?
wwoof in Serbia


For any questions feel free to contact:

Vivien Scheidler,

Tel: 00381645499085,


Facebook: IVA-Farm, wwoof in Serbia



Author: Voluntouring staff

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6 thoughts on “Volunteer at IVA Educational Farm in Serbia

  1. Hello Mr I’m young Tunisian 24 years old married I have experience in the farm I want volunteer in your farm, I not need visa because from my country to serbia without visa just need know how I can apply for this.


  2. Ojla. Moje ime je Boštjan, ja sam iz Slovenije i željeo bi doči do vas da vam pomognem sa svojim znanjem i da se učim sve što trebam da učim u ovom životu. Med drugim se s Srcem učim spiritualnosti, imam Reiki iniciacije i neke skrivene darove da čemo svi življeti lakše i srečnije na Zemlji. Voluntierstvu me vuče več dugo vrijeme i voljeo bi da bi me pri.jeli kod vas za 3 meseca. Molim za povratnu informaciju i kao sto je moguče se slišimo preko telefona. Srćani pozdrav iz Slovenije Boštjan Rantaša

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