Help in a coffee farm: new project in Ecuador

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We need volunteers to help control coffee plants diseases and trying new ways to improve the flavor.

What types of activities?


General info

Experience will be on farming and understanding where are the natural, social and economic problems behind the main hot beverage in the world. How it has affected the environment and how to protect it, wild life, birds, etc.

How many volunteers could you host?


When would you need volunteers?

All year long

How many hours of help per day?


How many days of help per week?


Are accommodation and food included?

Yes, food and accommodation are included

What type of accommodation can you provide?

shared bedroom


Unfortunately, no vegans and vegetarians can be accommodated. But it would be a very nice experience to try the local food. It’s organic and safe, mostly cooked.

Fees – do you charge any?


VISA – could you provide Visa support/info?

No, I cannot help with VIsa and I don’t have information about it

What are the volunteers’ benefits?

The strong cultural exchange, life experience. Volunteers must be interested in nature and living in the Ecuadorian Choco, the rainy, cloudy, humid forest, with it’s special biodiversity.

What to do in the free time

Trekking, visiting close town, visit QUITO, cultural heritage of humanity, many things to do.

Understanding the biodiversity


Spanish, English and French

Describe the geographic environment

It’s the Ecuadorian Choco. The beatiful and exotic humid, cloudy and rainy forest

How to get to your site

One and a half hours by bus from Quito. To Quito, Ecuador, south America by plane
Our farm is located in the northwest region of Quito, 1500 masl, on the way to the coast, 54 1/2 km from Quito

Is there internet access?




Instagram: Tatouay_eco_farm,

WhatsApp: 593 99 984 9013


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