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Mamas for Burundi Association is looking for volunteers

logo mafobaWe are  a non-profit and non-denominational organization of Burundian law specializing in the promotion and protection of the rights of women and of the child, referred to as; Mamas For Burundi Association (MAFOBA asbl), acronym-based in Bujumbura (capital of Burundi) and currently covers 6 provinces among the 18 that make up Burundi, Central Africa and member of the East African Community (EAC).

Our areas of intervention is the field of human rights and women’s health, education for orphaned and destitute children from the rape, young (mothers). So, we are at your disposal for anything you want to get from us, in the context of the submission of an application to you.

Our goals is
  • Promote, protect the right and Educated vulnerable children’s our Vision and our value.
  • Promote the Empowerment of Women in the vulnerabilities our mission
I. About

volunteer in BurundiMAFOBA is a non-profit association (NGO) initiated in 2015 by Burundian girls and women and approved by the Ministry of the Interior, patriotic training and communal development by ministerial order N°530/1460DU29/10/2018.

MAFOBA is a Non-governmental organization (NGO) that works for the promotion of socio-economic rights, peace, leadership, integration, socio-economic reintegration and social cohesion of essentially rural communities. Our target group is particularly women and girls in rural areas, victims of social inequalities and sexual and gender-based violence (VSBG).

MAFOBA is structured in the following manner: 1. A General Assembly (GA), 2. A Supervisory Committee (SC), 3. A Board of Directors (CA) and an Executive Secretariat (ES). The board is made up of six members to know; A Chairperson, a vice-president, a financial adviser (Treasurer), a gender adviser, a campaign mobilization expert
and the Executive Secretary, sitting without voice Deliberative.

II. Our vision:

MAFOBA dreams of becoming a flagship organization in Burundi and in the region of the East African community with a strong, stable and dynamic structure, capable of giving impetus to change in our community and influencing the policies of our country, Taking into account in all spheres and by all actors in order to promote and consolidate peace and sustainable development.

III. Our mission:

MAFOBA wants, a Burundi where his people act together to collectively fight injustice, social inequalities, violence in all its forms, racism and discrimination particularly with regard to the woman and the girl and commits to The eradication of these and the education of citizens as well as the fight against ignorance to build a peaceful and decent society.

IV. Our purpose:
  • Improve the social and economic conditions of rural women and girls who are out of school and vulnerable.
V. Our goals:

MAFOBA pursues the following objectives:

  • Mobilizing women and girls for local entrepreneurship through income-generating activities (AGR)
  • Promote sustainable development
  • Support the development of village communities in their projects concerning water supply and their use
  • To support, train and raise awareness of young girls and women for their empowerment.
  • Promote the health of community members through the prevention and control of sexual and gender-based violence (VSBG)
  • Lead advocacy and actions aimed at citizen education, peace, and non-violence
  • To popularize the integration of the environmental dimension into the economic concept of gender and parity.

volunteer in Burundi

VI. Our approach:

All of MAFOBA’s actions are aimed at social cohesion, socio-economic reintegration and sustainable community development through:

1. The Health

To increase the knowledge of rural women and girls on reproductive health and to promote sexual and reproductive health among adolescents, young girls and adults, and to combat the spread of sexually transmitted infections Communicable diseases (STIs) and HIV/AIDS.

2. The Education

To give hope to indigent^girls, daughters-mothers, women sex workers, to help them return to school and/or to pursue professional training in trades and to learn to read and write (literacy) regardless of age required.

3. The Economy

To improve socio-economic conditions and increase the lives^of women and girls who are particularly out of school, rural and vulnerable, to promote their source of income in order to ensure their empowerment.

VII. Our strategic asses:

The assets of MAFOBA include several axes

  • Axe/Economy by Mobilization of young people in local entrepreneurship and remunerative on a small scale. Strengthening income-generating activities (AGR). Extension on the integration of the environmental dimension into the economic and social concept of gender and betting. Awareness of the spirit of creativity among young girls and women for their empowerment in order to fully ensure their basic social needs (water, health, education,) and to abandon the sex trade.
  • Axe/Health: Awareness-raising and outreach on prevention and control of infectious diseases and HIV/AIDS…).
  • Awareness raising on sexual and reproductive health promotion of youth and adolescents, and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV)
  • Axe/Développement: Awareness-raising and support for development actions aimed at village communities in their projects in particular those of drinking water supply and its rational use. Reinforcement and encouragement of local initiatives of community interest.
  • axes/Formation: Training, information, awareness and equipping of young girls and women on their empowerment. Advocacy, facilitation of conferences, campaigns, forums, symposia… on various educational themes and on peace, poverty alleviation, access to safe drinking water and responsible citizenship, sustainable solutions to the EU’s problems.
  • Axe/Capacity Building: Capacity building of staff and members of MAFOBA, civil society on the implementation of debt alternatives.
  • Axe/New technologies: To ensure access to the new information and communication technologies to particularly rural people remote from urban centres (cities). Or provincial and capital city/Bujumbura
VIII. Our geographical coverage

The ideal of MAFOBA is to cover the entire national territory of Burundi. Taking into account the current budgetary constraints, we cover 6 provinces on the 18 of the Republic of Burundi, namely province of:

  • Bujumbura/Mairie
  • Bubanza
  • Cibitoke
  • Muyinga
  • Makamba
IX. Our main partners:

To make the various achievements effective, MAFOBA maintenance and continues to undertake relations based on
Frank and sincere collaboration, interdependence and transparency with several state organizations and not
National, regional and international levels. Among them, we have listed:

Government Partners: Ministry of…
  • National Solidarity, human rights and gender,
  • National Education,
  • Public Health and the fight against AIDS,
  • Trade, Industry and Tourism,
  • Environment, Agriculture and livestock,
Non-government Partners:
  • CSR-SOLUTIONS (Sweden),

Download the Brochure with info about the fundraising program.


For MAFOBA NSHIMIRIMANA Charlotte, The Executive Secretary

BP: 3300 Bujumbura II Burundi,

Tel : +257-75-28-50-80

Web : www.mamasforburundi.com,

Facebook: Mamas For Burundi

Skype: Mamas For Burundi Association

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