Voluntouring Time Bank โ€“ what is it and how to participate

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www.voluntouring.org is a Web Project carried out thanks to the collaboration of several people, of different ages and backgrounds, but united by the passion for alternative travel, Wwoof,ย  NonProfits volunteerism, ecology, sustainability and alternative lifestyles around the world.

In addition to the announcement section, we also make use of an interesting platform calledย Time Republik: an online time bank!


Timerepublik logo


Thanks to this wonderful time-exchange platform, we hope to grow as a reality and establish an ever-larger and more diverse community.

And you can be part of it if you want!

Voluntouring TimeBank project

VT is a non-profit cultural reality. Other than volunteering, many of our efforts are also related to the criticism of the dominant lifestyle based on consumerism and competition. Our economic system puts money at the centre while people and the planet resources are secondary!

Through the stories we tell, the announcements we publish, and through other interesting activities, we would like to spread new ideas, educate about new lifestyles, build a network of people and communities with similar goals and values.

โ‡’ Letโ€™s exchange Time now!ย โ‡

How to make arrangements

Read this other page to find out โ€œhow to make arrangements with us on Timerepublikโ€œ.

If you want to collaborate in exchange for time credits, these โ‡‘โ‡‘ are the things you need to keep in mind before starting to work with us.

Author: Voluntouring staff

Become a volun-tourist! Discover the opportunities to volunteer and travel meaningfully around the world! We add new opportunities every day: www.voluntouring.org Follow our updates on Facebook!

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