The wonderful drawings by Carol Rossetti

Carol Rossetti, feminism, women, stereotypes
Abating Stereotypes

Carol Rossetti is a Brazilian designer and illustrator who started the project “Mulheres” (Women) to represent clear and simple examples of the abatement of everyday stereotypes.

Carol Rossetti, feminism, women, stereotypes

She herself, on the site, says:

It always bothered me the world’s constant attempts to control women’s bodies, behaviors and identities. This control is such a deep part of our culture that we hardly ever realize how cruel it is and how it restricts our personal choices. However, I don’t believe it’s enough to discuss exclusively the issues that affect a specific group of women. We also need to talk about racism, homophobia, transphobia, classicism, xenophobia and ableism. The fight for equality and respect is very wide and should be inclusive.

Not all the situations that I design are lived exclusively by women. Many of them can be experienced by any human being and I invite all men to identify themselves. This is not an exclusive project for women and does not affect all women at the same time.

The decision to attract only women was partly motivated by personal identification. But on the other hand, it seems to be interesting to give men the chance to identify with the female characters.

I remember when I was younger it was common that movies/books/animations interpreted by female characters were considered “for girls”, while stories with male characters were “for everyone”.

The fact that my protagonists are women does not make this a project just “for girls”.

Here a video in which she tells how the project was born:

On the site (here) you can buy all the postcards, both in English and in Portuguese.

Among the postcards we find these 6 collections:
“Fashion” (Fashion):

Lydia, Marina, Mariana, Joanna, Leticia, Helena, Priscilla, Ursula, Laura and Eduarda.

Carol Rossetti,

“Body” (Body):

Jessica, Olivia, Andressa Luana Liz and Tainá, Debora and Daniele, Lorena, Silvia, Amanda, Jane, Maíra and Tatiana.

carol rossetti,

“Identity” (Identity):

Aline, Maite, Larissa, Mayra, Natalia, Sarah, Susan, Babi, Vanessa and Bruna Krenak.

carol rossetti, lesbian,

“Escolhas” (Choices):

Isaura, Lily, Lola, Monica, Rosa, Alice, Bia, Clara, Wendy and Fernanda.

Carol Rossetti,

“Amores” (Love):

Bela, Lucas and Leo, Camila and Patricia, Luma and Daniel, Manu, Rita and Diego, Diana and Lucas, Aleria and Linda, Chiara and Suzi, Janine and Erica and Lilian.

“Valentes” (Brave):

Giselle, Elisa, Bette, Brenda, Rebecca, Sophia, Tejaswini, Vicky, Yasmin and Yumi.

Carol Rossetti, feminism, stereotypes, women, freedom

Moreover, outside the collections, we also find these postcards that are worth sharing:

Rashida, Chris and Leo; Rachel; Tina; Sasha; Rafaela; Nicole; Nayana; Natasha; Martha; Marie; Wool; Katja; Juliana; Heidi; Giovana; Gabi; Whitney; Violet and Andrea; Suki; Samira; Samantha; Poliana; Paloma; Nadia; Maya; Louise; Liv; Kelly; Flora; Collette; Claudia; Cecilia; Anne; Ana; Alanna; Agnes; Myriam.

Carol Rossetti,

Obviously, not all, if there are other postcards that you like and you do not see them on the list, let me know, we’ll be happy to add them!

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