Help exchange in Australia at a horse ranch

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We’re looking for a few volunteers for the coming season on a station up north.ย We’re located at the start of the Gibb River Rd near Derby in the beautiful Kimberley.

Volunteering Activities

Work would include all kind of station work, whatever needs to be done.

ranch, horses, workaway, helpx, australia, wwoof, derby, kimberleyWe have a campground and tourist huts, a riding-school and horse business, and a few other animals. If you got some horse skills, you could help me with

  • the trail rides,
  • training the young horses and/or everything else around the horse barn.
  • gardening skills, we have got a huge garden area to play around.
  • you can look after our tourists if you are good with people.
  • If you’re a good entertainer, we have a big theatre to be creative.
  • If you’re good with kids, we work with the Aborigine communities every now and again.
Cultural exchange: learn new skills!

There are heaps of opportunities to learn new skills if you want to.

  • Driving a tractor,
  • learn how to weld,
  • get on a horse,
  • do some fencing,
  • play with the chainsaw,
  • make controlled burning and so on.

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Helping hours

Work times would be from 6.30am to 12.30pm (including breakfast meeting), 5 days a week.

Food and accommodation

In exchange for that, we offer free food and a little hut with a bed all for yourself and shared bathrooms.

We’re looking for people from the end of April till October. Minimum stay is 2weeks. Maximum stay is not exciting, maybe you’ll stay for a few weeks or a few months or a few years as so many did before ๐Ÿ˜‰


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For more informationย contact me on my FB page or send me a PM.

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