Scholarship for traveling writers: win a 14 day prize in Portugal

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Do you want to travel and at the same time write and share your adventures? Candidate for the travel writer scholarship!

A 14-day prize in Portugal with World Nomads
  • Where: Portugal
  • Duration: 14 days
  • When: starting from 13 August 2019
Description of the offer

WN is looking for non-professional students and writers of any nationality, but with excellent knowledge of English, to deepen the history, culture and landscapes of Portugal and discover, thus, the essence of this unique land through writing

Description of the trip

The winners will spend 12 days in Portugal and will have to write a story of 700 words concerning a travel experience around one of these themes:

  • A jump in the dark
  • Creating a local connection
  • I did not expect to find…

The services offered:

  • a return trip from your country of residence to Portugal;
  • exclusive travel writing course with the tutoring of professional Tim Neville, who collaborates with the New York Times and Outside magazine;
  • 1000 euros for travel expenses
  • travel insurance for the duration of the trip

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ย More information

For more information, read the RULES

Read the FAQs

Application guide

To be able to apply, visit the website on the relative page.


after applying, you will not be able to go back and edit your story, so make sure you are completely satisfied with your essay before submitting a question.


Author: Voluntouring staff

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  1. I’m a freelancer, cultural spiritual activist, travel explorer & hitchhiker !
    I m interested !

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