If I could go back to my 18s I’d volunteer sooner! (Especially with Wwoof)

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If I could go back to when I was 17 or 18 I would definetely volunteer sooner! I would especially pick up Wwoofing as a volunteering and travelling mode.

Unfortunately, I started Wwoofing only in my late 20s, which was not too late, but it could have been earlier.

But hey, what is Wwoof?

A detailed introduction about what is Wwoof and its history can be found and read on the main organization website.

Basically, it means: volunteering opportunities on organic farms at a worldwide level.

In practice, you will volunteer in countryside and rural areas of the world, mostly in farms, or eco-communities, where the locals engage in sustainable activities and ecological practices to cultivate the land.


Why Wwoofing?

I will give you a few reasons why we should start volunteering with Wwoof:

  • It’s free. – You’re given food and accommodation for free.
  • You are insured.
  • Your help is offered to small farms that work ecologically, and produce organic food.
  • It’s a cultural exchange: you learn how to produce healthy food and work sustainably.

You can also learn a new language; a new culture! And live a different, very different lifestyle!

  • wwoof in France, mas, eco-life, volunteering, Nimes, helpx, workaway, volunteering in the south of France, free volunteering, free workaway, free helpx. free host listYou will live in an inspiring and beautiful rural location… really!
  • Most of these farms are not only “farms”: some of them are alternative or ecological realities, such as eco-villages, intentional communities, or small tribes where people aim at being self-sufficient (meaning independent from a capitalistic-enslavery system).
  • You meet a lot of inspiring people: from spiritual people to great scientific and ecological minds.
  • One last reason: there’s a high chance you will fall in love with somebody and maybe experience some romance in the farm. ^^

There’s only one subscription to pay every year and it depends on the country where you choose to do Wwoofing. It’s about 20-30 euros.

With Voluntouring, actually, we are trying to make Wwoofing completely free. As a matter of fact, in this website, you can find some Wwoofing opportunities. Also here.

If the countryside is not for you we have also featured some URBAN WWOOF opportunities.

So guys, take my advice: try this experience at least once in your lifetime!

If you decide to go Wwoofing… let us know and tell us about your volunteering adventures! 🙂

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wwoof in Catalunya

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