Help at my friend organic farm in Goa! – A volunteer opportunity in India

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Hey folks, my friend Purnanand runs a beautiful little Place in Palolem called Natures Womb. It’s an organic farm in Goa, India with fruit trees, vegetable gardens, a magic rock, and beautiful meditation places. There is lots of potential for projects, but it needs love and care before it eventually turns into an eco-village, a place to share and learn and grow together!
Till then, my friend can offer you a place to sleep in one of his tents, fresh coconuts, clean & functional toilet facilities & he will be happy to share his knowledge about agriculture with you.

You would need to organize your own food, but he can provide cooking facilities & you can harvest vegetables and fruits during the season.


Organic farm in Goa – Activities & tasks

Jobs that will need to be done are:

  • planting
  • watering
  • house building (anyone able to work with earth bricks?)
  • creative projects
  • and other activities related to organic farming.

wwoof India, wwoofing, wwoofer, volunteer, girl, Goa, farming, helping, exchange, cultural exchange, palm, fruit trees, coconut

Food and accommodation deal

Accommodation is temporarily in tents. This is an eco-village/eco-centre under construction.

Food is at volunteer expense, though allowed is the use of the kitchen tools and other sharing options (for more information, please use the contact details).

The idea, vision and goals of Natures Womb

Coming back to the idea of Goa’s first travellers, creating places to stay together in communities in a peaceful surrounding of nature to live, share, create and grow together, the project of Natures Womb wants to bring back this vision on a spot that can be easily said to be one of the perfect places around the Indian West Coast.

The base of this idea is a formerly used and currently recovered farm in a peaceful place in Southern Goa, surrounded by beautiful nature – the beach of Palolem just a 5-10 min walk away, a touching river that goes into the sea at the northern end of the beach and the attached hills and forests all around the farm, that covers a series of massive rocks visible and reachable from the farm as well as colourful wildlife. The newly established farm will consist of a great variety of tropical plants for self-supply, such as mango, coconut, cashew nut, papaya, pineapple, numerous spices and herbs as well as farm products like watermelon and vegetables. Thereby, it is the main goal to connect the farm plantation with a tropical garden in the direction of the village and native plants in the direction of the forest.

The focused topics of Natures Womb are:
  • organic farming and healthy food,
  • yoga,
  • meditation and spiritual life,
  • living in eco-buildings,
  • activities in and living with the surrounding nature as well as community,
  • culture and artwork.
Vision and Goals

It is the goal of the project to create a place for community, where people can enjoy, stay, share and create together and use all possible ways of sustainable and peaceful living. We want to set up the project on these basic goals and create a role model that will spread around the area and further on. It is our vision to create a worldwide community with a strong, positive and supportive connection. Staying at Natures Womb, everybody should leave with a feeling of love and happiness and an increased awareness for oneself and all other living.


If you would like to volunteer at this organic farm in Goa, please text: 9765902766
or Natures Womb on FB!

Happy travels everyone

wwoof India, wwoofing, wwoofer, volunteer, girl, farming, helping, exchange, cultural exchange, organic farm in Goawwoof India, wwoofing, wwoofer, volunteer, girl, Goa, farming, helping, exchange, cultural exchange

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