Live as a Nomad in the Sahara – volunteering opportunity!

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A little oasis in the desert

Volunteer in Morocco! We are a Tuareg-Berber family, from the south-east of Morocco. We used to live as nomads in the Sahara and travel from place to place. After many years, we settled down in a small village, Tagounite, at the gate of the desert.

Our idea is to share our traditions, a place to sleep and a unique experience in a small oase next to the desert with you, in exchange for the help of people from all over the world. We are interested in when different cultures meet, how we can exchange our ideas and learn from each other.

Volunteer exchange

We are

  • recovering and rebuilding a house that has belonged many years to our family, using mostly natural materials;
  • building some new rooms in the house, for which we use mud bricks made of sand, water and straw.
  • working in our garden. We need to plant new palm trees and we want to grow our own organic vegetables and fruit.

Our goal is to become as much self-sustainable as possible! There is also help needed with the installing of the internet.

Fees transparency

We charge 5 € a day per person to cover the costs for the food and water, since we don’t have the possibility to pay for the volunteers food etc. This is the only fee we ask for. Of course, for that price, we offer you three rich meals per day, with healthy and good ingredients.

Volunteer Benefits

Besides all the work there is needed, there will be a lot of time and space to come at rest 🙂

This little oasis in the desert is a perfect spot for relaxing and escaping from all the rush of your daily life. Every day we enjoy the warm sun and every night you will find yourself under the brightest stars you’ve probably ever seen!

We will be very happy to meet you!

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Instagram: oaseinthesahara

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