Looking for partners to set up a community based, wellness-focused B&b in Israel

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Hello!ย I’m looking for business partners for a new and exciting new business venture in Jerusalem!ย After running a hostel, managing AirBnbs, working as a private cook and wellness coach, the time has come to take all of that experience and establish me in Jerusalem with a loving and nurturing community.

I would like to set up a community-based, wellness-focused Bed&Breakfast. The idea is for a group of friends/business partners to be living in 1 or more apartments in the building, while the rest of the building will have rooms for paying guests, workshop space and (a) treatment room(s).

Prefered profiles

To join me on this venture, I’m seeking people who would fit one or more of these profiles:

  • Nutrition-oriented alternative medicine practitioner (TCM/ACM/Ayurvedic/naturopathic/macrobiotic medicine)
  • Finance and business savvy individual with knowledge and experience with digital marketing and/or fundraising
  • Builder/maker/craftsman (or woman), someone who is good with their hands, and can help with minor repairs, electricity/plumbing issues.

Open to all sexes, races, ages, faiths, sexual orientation, skin colour etc. Let’s keep life diverse and interesting… Most importantly have a tolerant mentality and teamwork spirit.

If you see yourself in one of these profiles and this project is something which might interest/fit you, or even better – inspire passion in you. send me a message today so we can have a f2f/call and see whether you might fit.


E-mail: simoyair@gmail.com

Couchsurfing profile: https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/simoyair

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