Starting an Organic Eco-village in Patagonia, Coyhaique, Chile

Hi Everybody ๐Ÿ™‚ We are a European couple that sees themselves as communal-minded people, starting a dream we have had for decades.ย  31 and 35 years old, we have a 1-year-old baby boy. Our dream is to practice communal living combined with offering travellers and members a space for being and a peaceful natural environment to allow them to deprogram themselves to some degree. A real holiday feel, a retreat.
Our vision behind this is that the social and mental noise from many places in the world is not making people happy, healthy or productive in their lives. We seek to empower people not just by making an alternative for them by turning them into a worker but by looking at them honestly, holistically, and energetically and giving them a chance to exercise the whole of the human experience.ย ย Or at least, calm the mind enough so that that person can do that for themselves.
Flora saved up money by doing scientific research while Greg assisted her career and lived a minimalist lifestyle.ย ย Allowing us to travel the world, deprogram ourselves and buy land for people to come to live on for free in exchange for very little work. We want to emphasize the importance of finding good energy together first to work from.ย ย Meaning, the 2 of us will not seek to take the position of a leader-role, just a guide to show the place around and give further explanations on what we feel.
We expect people that have a natural response to us or have a gift of their own, to find their way automatically to what type of attitude and work or activity they want to be doing.ย We’d rather be a slow and less productive place than try to put out work orders to people to make the budget work.
No pressure, just honesty.
The hospitality exchange

Next, to start-up and farm work, we can offer you all kinds of outdoor spots to come and take a quiet retreat. We offer people a place in nature and/or our home when it is finished. You will be free to use the many dead trees around to build your own small cabin or shelter. There will be places for tents available and you can expect many visitors from various backgrounds. You can share your story with them one on one or as a group and expect reflections and responsible reactions.

We like to give hugs, massages, meals, open safe and neutral sharing places, a fireplace and share life in general in the way that makes your gifts and talents shine and make others happy. The only scenario is that many practical things will be communal, but you can find privacy in the surrounding natural and rural areas where there is a very low population density.

Types of possible activities
Because we are new in Chile, you can also come to share your
  • gardening,
  • building,
  • maintaining,
  • wild food
  • gathering and
  • permaculture skills with us and
  • show us how a proper community is made!
Live with us… permanently

We can consider you for living with us permanently, be it all year round or every year for 3 or more months (your choice). Summers are great here, the place needs a lot of start-up work to really be called a farm, but in our hearts, it already is a communal farm. We take it to step by step and are not into developing a commercial business out of it. CURRENTLY: The land is totally wild. We need to gather natural building materials, plan and build several small structures and talk with each other how and where the first gardens/greenhouses can be made. As you are feeling hopeful by now, we would love to make new friends and embrace you as an equal, while we work on these structures and ideas gradually.

A spiritual connection

The 2, 3, 4 of us are all spiritually gifted and this has given us some friction over the years with people who have really invested themselves in the non-authentic self that most of the city life offers them. Unnatural things that seem to us, designed to limit the deeper human experience by taking themselves too seriously as an ego, spirit and not enough as a free soul/natural person (again, based from our points of view).

In order to offer a genuine invitation for people with good vibes AND to prevent us from having too much friction with other vibes… We want to step towards clarity about our shared human reality. Making sure we understand each other’s preferences is important. The more outspoken and upfront people can be with us, the better we feel. Deeper perceptions about the differences between `vibes` are for us a necessary and almost daily routine. We will over time pose some scenarios to you and see how you feel about it, so we can get a sense of our being in comparison with your being.

Therefore, we ask for your understanding, responsibility and patience in these matters as these scenarios have taken 22 years in our hearts and minds to develop. We are calm enough now to let them come up and for us to be outspoken enough to allow people to choose their own experiences.


Worktime expectations
The type of help we require and the number of hours expected for work: 2 to 4 depending on the difficulty/heavy lifting.
Rules about phone use:
There is no power available, so, that would be limited.
Whether smoking is permitted: Limited, prefer to be kept away from us and the children and no 420.
The type of food/meals provided and whether we can cater to vegetarians or not:
Chilean shops are primitive, not so much choice, though the answer (over time) is yes.ย ย Most certainly when we get our greenhouses up and running.
Are children or pets allowed?
Depends on their needs and behaviour, yes!
Distance to local shop and internet:
We have a car (1 to 2 hour of travel time at the minimum).
Directions and methods of transport available to travel to your location:
The same answer, you can try to get (bus) rides all the way from Santiago or hitch-hike.ย In town, I can pick you up by car or you can arrange a lift from a farmer in town.
Places of local interest that helpers may wish to visit during their free time:
Patagonia wilderness in every direction.
Internet access
Limited internet speed and locations, so do not expect direct and fast responses at times.ย 
Imagine an almost untouched valley with lots of nature and small trails.
The property
Property is limited in size, about 3.5 and 8 hectares, though a big land strip close to the rivers and lake are open to the (limited) public for camping etc.ย It is legal in Chile to camp for free there.
New walking trails will and can be made.
We hope to attract the right types of guests to make the place shine with depth and soul.
In the future, we are planning to build a castle and play around it with multiple big happy families ๐Ÿ™‚
Come discover our ideas and your possibilities there!
Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy the dream.

Greetings and Love,

Flora and Greg


If you are interested in this volunteer exchange at a eco-community / eco-village in Chile, please e-mail to:

See more Eco-villages and Intentional Communities around the world.ย  ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒ

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  1. Bonsoir cher couple. Je serai ravi de faire connaissance et avoir un รฉchange culturel avec le vรดtre. Je m'appelle OSEE. Je vie ร  Douala. Merci

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