Become a Work Scholar at a community-based geothermal springs in Sonoma County, California!

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spiritual community, eco-village, california, aletheiaAletheia Springs is a small multigenerational community-based in the spiritual ecology of place. We are a group of between 8-12 people who are stewarding and working to regenerate the land and waters of historic 20-acre geothermal mineral springs in the heart of Sonoma Valley, Northern California (1 hour north of San Francisco). Now entering our fourth year, we are weaving together a community of residents and non-residents alike who share a soul-level calling to participate in the service, practice, research, deep wealth and essential belonging this place invites. Recognizing ourselves in the nature of these Springs, we see that We Are Nature working to heal, restore right relationship with all beings, and awaken to true purpose.

Residential Work Scholar program

Starting in 2019, Aletheia is launching a new residential Work Scholar program for a select group of between 3-6 candidates who want to come live/work at the Springs for one (1) month sometime between March and October (if there is a great mutual fit participants may apply for additional program months that could begin consecutively right after their first month’s stay). Work Scholars participate as volunteers alongside the year-round Aletheia Community Stewards in the daily operations of the Springs as well as the embodied community research and practice of restoring a place and actualizing a healed village.aletheia, spiritual community, eco-village, california,


The exchange

For this first year with our inaugural cohort, we are offering this program as a fully gifted and voluntary mutual exchange.

Food and accommodation

Work Scholars at Aletheia participate in an immersive program of study and exchange where room and board are fully included and there is a service work component of between 24-27 hours/week (depending on the month).

Participants are financially responsible for any additional personal expenses they incur before or during their stays, including necessities and extras such as personal travel, bills or special dietary foods not provided by our organic, whole foods collective kitchen. Our service at the Springs involves participating in various ongoing roles and creative projects for the land and community, as well as working shifts during our guest season (see Service Work Spheres on our website, linked below).

Accommodation type

Accommodations are rustic, seasonal glamping-style Bell Tents on redwood decks or you have the option of a shared indoor bunk room. All share bathroom and kitchen access.

Learning opportunities

At Aletheia, we hold the work of operating the Springs during our summer guest season for the benefit of the public as our sacred karma yoga, tikkun olam, seva or spiritual life practice. As such, itโ€™s both an integral part of our community work and its a direct expression and extension of our greater vision for bringing about a healed, more beautiful world.

Work Scholars also engage in a program of transformative learning for personal and social change consisting of up to five (5) hours of group practices per week, as well as one to two (1-2) days/month of immersive experiential training and retreats which are specially curated from various lines of study (see Example Practices, Workshops & Retreats on our website, linked below).

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As 2019 is our initial year for this program, itโ€™s important to note that participants will be a part of an inaugural Work Scholar cohort and much of the program content and logistics will continue to be built-out and refined throughout the year with participant feedback. Those who enjoy being on the ground floor of R&D for such an integrative and community-based program will find themselves a wonderful fit for us this year.

We encourage people to come with โ€˜beginnerโ€™s mindโ€™ as students with our blossoming community, with patience and good humour for the creative community process and โ€˜making it up as we go alongโ€™. Going with the flow, self-management and good self-care will all be beneficial traits to have on board for this maiden voyage!


We are predominantly English speaking but some here also speak a little Spanish, German, Portuguese and Czech. Many of our guests to the Springs speak Spanish.


Internet access

There is WIFI available on-site. You will need a car to go off-site, as we are in a rural country area with the nearest big towns being approximately 20-30 minutes away by car (Santa Rosa and Sonoma). The nearest public transportation is about 1 mile away (bus) but this area is also served by Uber and Lyft.

Free time

There’s lots to see and do in our area -most notably world-class hiking, biking and parks all within a few miles. Excursions to the vibrant cultural hub of the San Francisco Bay Area are about 1 hour away by car.

For applicants accepted into our summer program, there are a few days off that you will have each week for personal time, etc. and there are lots to see and do in our area -most notably world-class hiking, biking and parks all within a few miles. Excursions to the vibrant cultural hub of the San Francisco Bay Area are about 1 hour away by car. It’s important to note that your free days will generally fall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (in other words, the majority of your service work time will be on Thursdays through Mondays, and will likely include every weekend that you are here).

We also have 1-hour group practices on Tuesdays-Wednesdays as well as the once-per-month daylong or multi-day transformative learning immersion that will be offered to you. So, it’s important to note that if you join that month’s immersion offering (and we hope that all our Work Scholars do, as it’s one of the best benefits of being here!) you’ll have less days off for just that week.


For more information or to apply please thoroughly read through our website, linked below, and follow the instructions on the TEAM page under the Work Scholar Program section. Thank you for your interest! <3



aletheia, spiritual community, eco-village, california,


spiritual community, eco-village, california, aletheia


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