Flou’s initiative to create world maps & postcards to help poor villagers

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NurialamNurialam (25 years old) is born with dysfunctional limbs. He lies on his back by the door each day hoping visitors come to see him from near and far. When friends and I visited him in Lombok, he was eager to practice words he learnt from past visitors. We decided to present him with a world map so he can hang it on his wall and visitors can stick a sticker where they come from on the map.

Nurialam does not attend school because of his condition and he does not have any form of entertainment or exposure about the world as he does not own a cellphone or TV. Neither can he read or write.

There are other kids like him in his village who are super excited to see foreigners visiting them.

The Elephant and Ants project

lombok, postcards

The village where Nurialam is from has given me the inspiration to start an e-postcard project called Elephant and Ants (E&A). I would love if any of you travellers could e-mail me the picture(s) of places you’ve been with a title or wording you would like to include in your postcard: theyย will be printed and hand delivered to Nurialam and others like him.

  1. You will give E&A the rights to publish, distribute and use your picture(s) as a fundraising tool for less fortunate.
    E&A would like to give donors or anyone who wishes to send a postcard to the less fortunate, the convenience of selecting a card online via Elephant and Ants platform. In the past, I have posted in travel groups requesting to mail postcards directly to Nurialam, but I realized even for me was a chore to make a trip to post office just to mail a postcard. Secondly, countries like Indonesia, non-certified mail may not guarantee the arrival.
  2. Images need to be at least 600 pixels or preferably higher resolution. You can still email E&A the pictures even if you not sure about the resolution.
  3. Email: eleph.antsproject88@gmail.com
  4. Please let us know where the picture(s) is taken, preferably landscape of places you have visited and the picture(s) belongs to you.

Below are pictures of 1) Nurialam, 2) Sample postcard from Lombok, 3) Feature image: World map (continents).

With the help of your pictures (postcards), we hope to inspire the less fortunate to learn about the world, creating a lasting knowledge in their minds, sharing different cultures and people, leaving hopes and dreams.

Author: Floui Pi


The Facebook Page:ย https://www.facebook.com/ElephantsCharity

Email: eleph.antsproject88@gmail.com


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