Palestinian NGO needs volunteers in our Refugee Camp All Year Around

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Message from a previous volunteer in Palestine

Palestinian NGO – Before post this information one personal story here.ย While I was travelling around the world, I found this volunteer work several years ago. I flew to Palestine- it was one of the most incredible experiences I ever had.ย Emotional real life, unforgettable time, between war and peace…

I am now a project manager here, and you can feel free to talk to me in various languages (English, Espaรฑol, Franรงais, I can handle well, plus Russian, German, Italian Portuguese I will happily reply in your language with English).

Before coming here I was probably like you: travelling a lot so! So we can definitely be good friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

This organization has been up and running for over 20 years,ย  and now we seek volunteers for new projects and new activities.

We welcome all new activities coming from your incredible ideas, smart thinking and leadership actions. Also, we need volunteers to improve and manage our projects and sustainable development for our education centre, disabled-health centre, women, and clinic centre.

Main activities
  • Create new projects
  • Create new activities
  • Human resource procure
  • Project management
  • Financial arrangement
  • Fundraising
  • Social media fundraising
  • ” ” Marketing
  • Media and social media management
  • Create NGO strategy
  • Project Finance Process of NGO
  • Camp’s situation analysis
  • Develop the camp’s sustainability
  • Skills training in camp
  • English Communication Skills for refugees
  • Educational innovation for refugees
  • Teach Human Rights for refugees
  • Be a teacher with your any skills (from 1 Day)
  • Teacher and School Staff Training
  • Speech Therapy
  • Healthcare and medical program

You can suggest and try many things. We need to develop our NGO.
How you want experiences, we welcome for all your ideas!

Free Accommodation

*We offer free accommodations (beds, also many couches!) in the centre of the refugee camp.

You can stay for a short term or long term, as much as you want, you can focus and put your effort into your creativeness and incredible time of your history of life.


We can keep in touch with you in various language- English, Espaรฑol, Franรงais, ๆ—ฅๆœฌ่ชžใ€‚

Currentย ongoing 2019 projects are:
  • 1. Summer Camp Program
  • 2. Ramadan Food Making Program
  • 3. Speech Therapy Project

We work for the refugee camp’s environment, education, workshop, child education, women work, medical aid, disable people’s assistance.

So you can be a volunteer for the above also.

Palestinian NGO


Feel free to contact us we look forward to making incredible moment to refugees!
Our contact information is
Whatsapp: +1 4158129306

Take a look atย our Facebook:

Facebook page Palestinian NGO

Author: Voluntouring staff

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1 thought on “Palestinian NGO needs volunteers in our Refugee Camp All Year Around

  1. Je voudrais bien participer ร  votre programme en tant que volontaire. Vos activitรฉs conviennent avec mes expรฉriences et attitudes personnelles et professionnelles.
    Merci de me contacter!

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