Eco Project in Tenerife Canary Island Spain is looking for volunteers & investors

community project in Tenerife

BaToRo Project: “Back To Roots”

Do you want to be part of one of the most innovative “Back To Roots” sustainable community project in Tenerife?

Alternative Ways of Living & Consuming

Hello there!

We, “The Batoro Project”, started in April 2017 a 10.000 m² sustainable Eco-Farming & Permaculture Project in Tenerife Canary Island Spain. It is evolving into an educational group experience and healing template, with a tropical fruit garden, 6000 m² greenhouses and mango, papaya, lemon, orange and avocado trees.


Now we are building yurts in our Eco-Glamping area, a workshop space to practise yoga, dance, meditation and other activities. Also, one of our founders went sick, so we are looking for an active or inactive co-investor to get involved and support our “Back To Roots” BaToRo Project.


We are 15 minutes walk away from the Atlantic Ocean and already quite advanced in our plans.

How to get involved?

Feel free to write to us and please, don´t hesitate to ask about more information.

⇓Please use the contact details below.⇓


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