Eco Project in Tenerife Canary Island Spain is looking for volunteers & investors

community project in Tenerife

BaToRo Project: “Back To Roots”

Do you want to be part of one of the most innovative “Back To Roots” sustainable community project in Tenerife?

Alternative Ways of Living & Consuming

Hello there!

We, “The Batoro Project”, started in April 2017 a 10.000 m² sustainable Eco-Farming & Permaculture Project in Tenerife Canary Island Spain. It is evolving into an educational group experience and healing template, with a tropical fruit garden, 6000 m² greenhouses and mango, papaya, lemon, orange and avocado trees.


Now we are building yurts in our Eco-Glamping area, a workshop space to practise yoga, dance, meditation and other activities. Also, one of our founders went sick, so we are looking for an active or inactive co-investor to get involved and support our “Back To Roots” BaToRo Project.


We are 15 minutes walk away from the Atlantic Ocean and already quite advanced in our plans.

How to get involved?

Feel free to write to us and please, don´t hesitate to ask about more information.

⇓Please use the contact details below.⇓


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9 thoughts on “Eco Project in Tenerife Canary Island Spain is looking for volunteers & investors

  1. hola!soy ines,alemana, and I’m looking for a place with nice people and fruits and veggies, who wants some help 😉 for the beginning I need some plants and soil to calm down myself.I can also help with other things, let’see what needs doing….also I like to cook, openminded and interested in many things.also I like to improve my english and spanish

  2. Hello, I would like to help you and get to know new people, establish new relations, get to know new cultures, exchange experiences, help the elderly, children, and adolescents, help people in general, and expand the circle of knowledge. My name is Youssef, I live in Morocco. I am 22 years old. My only hobby is swimming and playing soccer. I have a bachelor’s degree in law. After studying applied arts, I am a nice, fun, honest and good person. I would like to work as a volunteer. I am a great person with good listening and communication skills. I am creative and always ready to take on new challenges. I am well organized and always planning ahead to make sure my time is well managed. It is an honor for me to work as a volunteer for free. I want to have a great experience and meet a new person. I like to work. I have experience in raising animals such as cows, poultry, horse riding, rams, cleaning animals and harvesting vegetables and fruits. I can do anything. I love helping people and sharing time with them.

  3. For the sake of covid measures and an exam on december 19, I am still looking for employment in the Canary islands.
    I am a physical education teacher, like to work with kids. I can cook, clean, love to work in nature or jobs in the house.
    In my freetime I run, swimm, crossfit and hike; In wintertime I snowboard.
    I belief in an holistic way of living that’s why I did a welnesscoach course, I can give all kind of massages and have a paramedic badge.

    So if you want help, you can text me: 0032497419654.
    Love to hear from you.

    I can go from november 12 till 16 december, flexibel.


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