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Help the local communities at Volunt2Thai Association

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Join the Volunt2Thai project in North-East Thailand and help improve local schools. This project, running for ten years now, focuses on helping kids in need. As a volunteer, you’ll teach, learn, and grow.

You’ll get to try a lot of things – from sports and yoga, language teaching, and farming, to bread baking and cooking. There’s also tech stuff like computer lessons and filmmaking.

Whether you’re alone or with a partner, you can make great memories while sharing your skills with the next generation. Plus, you’ll get to experience the local culture first-hand. To find out more, check out our website.

Are you interested in volunteering in Thailand? Volunt2thai (V2T)ย Campus & Cultural Center accept interns/volunteers all year round for activities in:

  • agriculture,
  • construction,
  • teaching 5-15 yo children English, music, computer training (general IT and programming)
  • art & crafts
  • sports

All these activities during the school term and at V2T summer school at the village temple.

Volunteering Couples, Families and Groups are welcome!
In addition, you may also be required to help organize events, seminars, and training days at the V2T campus. The program is led by V2T but is also supported by the local village mayors, school directors, teachers and district authority representatives.
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How many volunteers can we host?
We can now accommodate up to 24 volunteers per month (it’s the ideal number). Coming to a group would be an even better experience!
Social Development Project – what is it about?

V2T was started in 2014 with the aims of

  • helping farmers and their families
  • encouraging the development of the region with particular emphasis on guiding the children of the villages to a better future.

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V2T has since grown and with the constant expansion of its network, it has become a Campus & Cultural Center and platform for all kinds of projects.

Your job at V2T is to broaden the boundaries of the children and improve their understanding of the world with your influence and presence so that when they have grown up they will be able to act in a wider intercultural dimension.

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With a better understanding of the world they occupy, they will be better equipped to determine their own destiny. In simplest terms:

“All project participants will have left behind knowledge and good memories”.

Adding a V2T reference to your CV is guaranteed to get you noticed!

V2T (Volunt2Thai) has collaborative partnerships with NGOโ€™s and educational institutions (colleges & universities) and works with a wide range of partners in all of its fields of competence for the development of different projects taking place at our project sites.

In contrast to the project V2T which concentrates its efforts on the development of the community with a particular focus on the children, the association’s aim is to promote and support:

  1. volunteer engagement of youths and adults and in so doing,
  2. contribute to the development of international cooperation and understanding.

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Volunteering in Thailand: an example ofย  Daily routine

In the morning depending on the daily tasks, groups will be formed to go to the school to teach or with the farming families to the rice paddies, forests, waters, construction places, and farmerโ€™s homes (according to the season).

  • 07:00h Shower, breakfast and morning meeting
  • 08:30h Dividing into teams, go to school – others (depending on the project)
  • 12:00h Lunchtime, eat and relax, depending on the project site
  • 13:00h Work continues on the project site.
  • 15:00h Work at the placement ends and the evening is then free to be used for your own pleasure.
  • 19:00h Dinner (volunteers cook by themselves in the campus kitchen).

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Ban Nong Phong,
Tambon Ban Lao, Amphoe Phen,
Udon Thani, 41150

Fees transparency ๐Ÿ”

V2T is an independent campus and cultural centre. It is authorized by the government to help and support children and young people through education. It is a non-profit making organization and it’s operating without government grants, so volunteers are required to fund their own stay.

The current cost of a volunteer stay is Euro 114/week, full-board (+ 100 booking fee).

These funds are necessary to keep the development of the organization and projects ongoing as well as for legal processes.

Note from the project manager: 460 euros a month is very cheap considering the tools and environment we offer. It’s about half of the living cost one has to pay when someone stays on their own in Thailand for the same standard.

Some pictures from V2T volunteering in Thailand:

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If you are interested in joining Volunt2thai, use the following application formโ‡“ to get in touch with the project managers of the campus.


Want to volunteer at Volunt2Thai Campus? Cool! Send an email to voluntouring.freelist@gmail.com.
To speed things up, put “Volunt2Thai Join Request” in the subject line. Thanks!
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