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Volunteer in Tanzania: Introduction

Volunteer in Tanzania! The Tanzanian orphanage for abandon or simply homeless Tanzanian children is known as Tabasamu, which is a small children organization in Arusha, Tanzania.

You probably wondering what is the significant meaning behind the name “Tabasamu” well it simply means Smiles in Swahili.

This children organization was created and founded by David Joseph Wella who is an educator in philosophy, and friend to the young caste-away youngsters who seek refuge to Tabasamu.

For 4 consecutive years, we have been hosting more than ever.

Worldwide Volunteers at Tabasamu

The total amount that our members have hosted was about 300 volunteers from different regions around the world.

Tabasamu cooperation is very dedicated in giving the utmost aspiration of hope to the unfortunate children of Tanzania from our communities, elders, in their homeland, one parent household of children who come from poor dilapidated communities. Within the near future, our goal is to connect the separated and neglected foster children with their families.

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Also, within our very organization itself, we have approximately 35 mixed young orphans, who are in destitute of saving that comes from as I said impoverished communities with either single mothers and fathers who are too poor to take care of their children.

volunteer, orphanage, Africa charity, donation, children, orphans, teach, education, programs in TanzaniaThese families depend on Tabasamu for guidance to nurture their children to sustainable health physically and spiritually.

Through the tough times’ trials and tribulations, it’s been through the will of God that we help to do our day-to-day habits to work extremely hard from sunrise to sunset strategically plan and map our goals for today and tomorrow.
Our hard work is generated for the greater good of not only Tabasamu but the underprivileged children as well.

One of our main goals is to seek out connect volunteers with Tabasamu to look for sponsorship and to look for a way the children can receive a superb education from the fineness schools available along with the top-notch educators abroad and Tanzania in general.

Helping children at Tabasamu

Working with the children at Tabasamu has truly been a blessing and I always happy to see the children growing healthily every day.
The children taught me how it once felt to be a child through laughter, singing, teasing, playing, and dancing, and pretty much teaching us how to act like children every step of the way, no matter if you are 60 years old.

Some previous volunteers informed me that, working with the youth is a blessing for them also not just a job but a way to relieve stress and tension from their lives within their everyday environment.

Our Mission

Our main objective at Tabasamu is to have the safest and effective environment as possible. To ensure that there is a high degree of guidance, support from all forms of respectability, as possible, and most importantly, security for the children without discrimination of any sort no matter if its: racism, sexism, or even tribalism. We here to contribute to the sustainability of culture and development of future productive citizens of Tanzania.

Our Place of Location

We are located in a small town call USA-River Arusha Tanzania it’s just 30-45 minutes from Kilimanjaro airport and it cost you $50 taxi fare to Tabasamu in one way.

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The climate condition of USA-River is generally hot its 20 3C with more than 23,437 people.
We have rehabilitation centre whereby inside there is a restaurant mostly for foreigners with free Wi-Fi service.

The historical background of the town on the name USA-River was bestowed to the citizens of the town for it was filled with an immense amount of water, which was a blessing from above giving the citizens the right amount to cultivate rice within an agricultural setting.

Tabasamu is very dear to the populace of Arusha they see as a means of sanctuary for the underprivileged youth. Tabasamu is also close to Arusha national park just a half of an hour from us. However, when you are in USA-River town you would have a good time to see the twin mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. Our place is very close to the following services: Bank Bureau de exchange, supermarket, the post office, local market, club and a beautiful restaurant. In the next ten minutes when you are in Tabasamu you can access all of there services.

[Also, read the story of Tabasamu founder:

Roles and Responsibilities of Volunteers
  • Teaching good English to the children
  • Cooking good nutritional meals for the children under the supervision of mamas at the orphanage.
    Volunteer coordinator
  • Fundraising coordinator
  • Preparing children for school by transportation to school and back to Tabasamu
  • Maintaining control of our social media and Websites
  • Online volunteering
  • Painting with the youth
  • Building projects for chicken and classroom for the children
  • Outreach by visiting and teaching the women about their rights. Along with going to school to teach the young girls about self-awareness
  • Volunteering taking care of schools, hospitals, farms (horses), tourism offices, and orphanages

Volunteering in Tanzania – Tourism

Good news is that it’s possible to volunteer in any corner of Tanzania, according to your profession. Whether you are a teacher, digital marketer, Nurse, children caregiver, or if you would like to work in the tourism industry in Tanzania don’t worry these can be done by us through www.volunteer-tanzania.org

For those volunteers who are willing to give back to the community through agriculture please find our profile in www.wwooftanzania.org
and write us an email.

Working hours
Maximum working hours are ONLY 5 hours total a day.

We don’t work during weekends but rather have a very fascinating program to visit in Masai village, hiking, safari, and other outdoor experiences.

Meals and Accommodations

There are various options for accommodation and food although many volunteers prefer to eat Tanzania food.

This information will be attached to other Tabasamu documents which will make you understand our major roles and responsibilities when you are at Tabasamu.

Your volunteer VISA should be obtained from the Tanzania embassy in your own country.

It sounds much, but it is a bit cheap when you have your own Tanzanian VISA in your own country, but you can also obtain it in the airport in Tanzania upon arrival.

Please don’t forget to write to me when you’re about to start your journey to Tanzania.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best, David Joseph Wella


Whatsapp +255763440547

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