Volunteering on an organic Cacao Farm in Bahia, Brazil

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Exploring the world of Cocoa

We are a private initiative named Fazenda Taboquinhas, manned by a Dutch and a Brazilian Idealist, both having their Cacao Farm. An American Strategic partner completes our team. Meet the team on our team page.

What type of host are you?
  • Community
What are you looking for help with?
  • Brazil, hospitality exchange, sustainable tourism, volunteering, volunteer, cacao farms, exchangeBuilding
  • Teaching/Language Exchange
  • Farming/Gardening
  • General Help


Our mission

Our mission comprises Supporting Sustainable Agriculture and Tropical Rainforest Conservation with small farmers.

How many volunteers could you host?

Up to 10 volunteers

When would you need volunteers?

Throughout the year but in a variable numbers

How many hours of help per day?

4-5 hours of help per day

How many days of help per week?

4 days of help per week – 3 days off

Note about the volunteer work and other expectations:

Our volunteer program is executable on both our cacao farms. Types of labour range from general farm work to professional agroforestry skills.

Are accommodation and food included?

We ask a daily/weekly fee for the food*.

What type of accommodation can you provide?
  • Dormitory/shared rooms
  • B&b

Brazil, hospitality exchange, sustainable tourism, volunteering, volunteer, cacao farms, exchange

Diet – nutrition information

Food and drinks are organical and freshly reaped from the orchards and gardens. Various herbs can be advised by your hostess to prepare meals which support physical health. Our kitchens aren’t really prepared for vegetarian diets. People with mental illnesses as drugs and alcohol addictions or under strict medication aren’t welcome. We lack professional support for those.

Fees transparency – Cacao Farm

We strive to prove a model for small farmers which is costs neutral. Most labour here is family-related thus implying low cost. Small farmers here struggle for a living. Therefore general help has a small price. Professional help for the goals we have set will be matched to mutual possibilities. Visit our website for detailed volunteer information (see contact details). Costs can be lowered when our leisure amenity program is of no interest.

VISA – could you provide Visa support/info/invitation letters?

No, we cannot help with Visa but we can offer assistance


Volunteers’ benefits:
  • Cultural exchange,
  • workshops,
  • courses,
  • organized tours.
  • A full-board farm stay
  • Good quality bedroom with double bed
  • Ecological agriculture and horticultural training
  • From 20 to 25 hours of training and practical work per week
  • Once a week a guided & catered sporting / educational activity per choice
  • Wild water rafting and canoe adventure
  • Horseback riding
  • Jungle hike on the historic track
  • From ‘tree to table’ cocoa seminar
  • Waterfall tour around Taboquinhas
  • Campfire, barbecue,
  • waterfall treat,
  • neighbourhood hikes,
  • music-making/singing,
  • attend a home church and do things you invent yourself.
  • Ample free time to explore the area and have fun.

Brazil, hospitality exchange, sustainable tourism, volunteering, volunteer, cacao farms, exchange

What to do in the free time

Volunteers on our cacao farms are not far from a series of beautiful beaches around Itacaré town. A bus return ticket does cost about € 3 and takes you through a unique landscape to the beaches in about 3/4 hours.



How to get to your site

We will check your travel plan when you decided to come. We expect smart people who know how to find their way around. Check our website beforehand.

Where is Bahia? Click here

Is there internet access?

No, we don’t have WIFI

Paying guests Option*. Could you accommodate Eco-tourists?

Yes, we can accommodate eco/responsible tourists & paying guests. See our website for more info.

*Your financial contribution covers the costs of living such as: preparing food and drinks, cleaning, laundry, guidance in free time and the activity program we offer. Minimal 10% of your contribution will be reserved to cover volunteering outside our farm. This to support the needy and elderly near us with odd jobs or small projects, carried out by our volunteers.


All applications are handled by Jaco van der Laak by email for the initiating contacts.
Host Email: jaco@fazenda-taboquinhas.com

Website: https://fazenda-taboquinhas.com/eco-farm-volunteer-program-bahia/

 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jac1944/

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See the Cacao farm experience

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