Hostel is recruiting volunteers in Cyprus in exchange of full board

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Volunteer at Trip Yard Larnaka Hostel

Short information about volunteering.
  • 1) usually we take people not less than for 1.5 months, but it’s up from the situation, so you can ask.
  • 2) you get free accommodation in a shared room up to 4 people there and some products with long term living aka rice, macaroons, etc and we provide some small extra money to cover rest of the product by personal wish.
  • 3) we ask for 4-3 days a week duty ( we have 2 volunteers, you can make a schedule as you agree)
  • 4) city Larnaka -all interesting places can reach by bus in 1-2 hours ride

Trip Yard Hostel

Никогда не берите обратный билет, когда летите на Кипр. Если вы конечно не хотите впустую потерять ваши деньги. Вы не заметите, как пройдёт неделя, месяц, год. Кипр – коварный, затягивает очень просто. Здесь и горы и море, прекрасные душевные люди и вкуснейшая еда, исторические места и настроение чилл-аута, которого так не хватает в современном ритме. А если добавить крутую компанию и замечательный Trip Yard Hostel – уезжать совсем не захочется.Хостел, построенный путешественниками для таких же сумасшедших. Уютные комнаты, гамаки и апельсиновые деревья ждут. И мы ждём. Welcome!

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On duty usually not so much work, because the Hostel is really tiny. It’s 3 bedroom apartment converted into hostel 3 tiny rooms up to 4 people. So, not so much work up to your temp from 1 to 4 hours if you’re really slow and sleeping on the way. The rest of the time you can do whatever you want, just we need someone always been in the hostel to meet the guests.

Do you charge volunteers a daily or weekly fee?

No, we offer free food and accommodation

How many hours of volunteering help will you expect per week?

about 20-25 hours

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If you have any questions we will happy to answer (please don’t use the comment section below).

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