Looking for people who want to make a better world and volunteer internationally

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Lindersvold school. – I am part of an NGO that specializes in facilitates volunteer programmes in Africa, India, the Carribean. We have a 9 months climate programme that spends 3 months on the tropical island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. One of our students drop out before the programme start, so we are looking for someone to take his place.

We usually have a Saving up period for volunteers to earn the money for the programme. But since this student drops out he already saved up 4 out of 6 months of the tuition, which means if you are interested you would only have to work 2 months.

There is a possible job in Norway working at a hotel


The training is 4 months and takes a place in Denmark where you will both get theoretical knowledge about climate change a carry out different investigation and projects.
The project period takes place in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where you will work together with other volunteers to create Permaculture Vegetables Gardens for Communities – you will also do much more depending on what the projects our partner is doing at the time.

The last two months you will come back to Denmark where you will create different educational products and host presentation speaking about what you have learned.


PM me if you would like more information

Our website: https://lindersvold.dk/
Our partner in St. Vincent: https://richmondvale.org/en/

Previous announcement – 3rd September 2019

Hi there, I’m looking for people who want to be Development instructors to make a better world in Denmark and in Africa. If you are interested in alternative education, Danish free school, international development cooperation project in Africa like Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique.

The type of volunteering work depends on your ability and skills.

24 Month Programme – Fighting with The Poor START: Feb.
  • Period One: 12 Months Volunteering in Denmark (Working in Danish alternative school to cover the program fee]
  • Two: 8 Months Volunteering in a Developing Country
  • Three: 4 Months Volunteering and exam period
* This training certifies you as a Development Instructor and awards you a certificate from One World University.
10 Month Volunteer Abroad(START: Jan.

Period One: 3 Months First Period in Denmark
Two: 6 Months Service Period in Africa
Three: 1 Month Bringing It to the Public

Depending on current availability, there are possibilities to work with the following projects:
  • Teacher Training Colleges โ€“ Focused on educating teachers for rural areas
  • Vocational Schools for young people
  • Community work to promote sanitation and hygiene in rural areas
  • Community work with a special emphasis on farming
  • Raising funds for social projects by forming partnerships and selling second-hand clothes and shoes
  • HIV & AIDS awareness and prevention
Our organization is in Denmark, Faxe.

Near the place, there is a school for Danish and people from France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Chile and so on.
Not only that but also a beautiful beach and camping place to swim, play mini-golf, GYM and so on

Program fees depend on the program.

If you paid the program fee, you can cover food and accommodation during the program.

We can offer a small monthly allowance which is enough and even you can collect for the holidays.

During the program, there will be no extra fee after paying the fee. Don’t worry.
If you want to have the scholarship program, please contact me.


Would love to hear from you. Volunteer in Africa and Denmark! Please contact me, if you want to apply for the programs or have any questions in English.

Apply NOW: oneworldcenter@naver.com



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  1. Hello, it’s Gadielle Huxley! I have a strong passion for caring for children and the elderly. I understand human behavior well and approach caregiving with a kind heart. I’m also a fan of cooking, sports, and reading.

    Since losing my job, I’ve been looking for meaningful ways to contribute my time. I’m eager to volunteer for any organization in need of someone with my skills.

    Thank you for considering me as a volunteer.

    Gadielle Huxley

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