Discover Ho Chi Minh for free by teaching your language in Vietnam

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Teach English in Vietnam in exchange for hospitality at the Remi English School

We want to be an organization which creates the opportunities for students to have more chances to talk to foreigners whilst also providing travellers with a great, safe, fun, local place to stay whilst they discover Ho Chi Minh.

Our goal is to have the most benefits for both Volunteers and Locals, so we are looking for people who want to share their culture and gain teaching experience.

This is a great first step for you to become an official English teacher at an international school and for travellers who want to make friends from all over the world and have a group of people as close as a family in Viet Nam.

General info

We are a social business situated in Ho Chi Minh city which welcomes and hosts a great number of English speaking volunteers from all over the world. During the past three and a half years, over 300 volunteers have offered us their help to significantly improve our projects so they are more successful.

We now have some English classes for both city students and ethnic students with the hope that our fun, easy classes help change their lives through education. We also design our classes to be a place to make new friends through exchanging language and culture ( for both Vietnamese and foreigners).


How many volunteers could you host?


When would you need volunteers?

Any time of the year

How many hours of help per day?


How many days of help per week?


Work expectations – volunteer requirements
  • Travellers/ Volunteers who want to deepen their understanding of Vietnamese culture and live like the locals of Ho Chi Mแป‹nh.
  • A native English speaker / Or English is your second language but your accent is clear. You have to meet the standard of pronunciation as you will sometimes teach pronunciation classes.
A person who…
  • …is friendly and willing to help Vietnamese overcome their fear of speaking English;
  • comes with a mindset of exchanging culture and volunteering for the better Education of Vietnamese;
  • can respect the rules of the exchanging house ( which are similar to the rules of hostels) and can easily socialize with other volunteers. This also means acting politely with students, other staff and roommates
  • Experience – It’s just conversations determined by situations ( we already have all the topics and situations, you just need to follow them. As long as you can speak and read ENGLISH you will work well)
  • Preparing lesson plans – We have already done this for you. So you can spend your free time discovering the city with staff, students and other volunteers.


Are accommodation and food included?

Yes, food and accommodation are included

What type of accommodation can you provide?



My sister cooks for our family, staff and volunteers 2 meals every day. It is healthy and delicious. All the food are Vietnamese local food

  • My sister can cook Vegetarian or Vegan food also
  • You can also use our kitchen to cook what food you like

Yes, I can help with Visa

What are the volunteers’ benefits?

We offer:

  • FREE accommodation
  • 2 meals and water for the whole day ( Even on your days off)
  • Certificate to acknowledge that you helped us with all your HEART. Or a recommendation letter for your CV in the near future ( This is only if you finish the time you have committed, follow our instruction in class and don’t break the rules in the shared room)
  • Every week activity for free ( 1st week: BBQ outside, 2nd week: Karaoke night with beer, 3rd week: Beer on a rooftop with locals, 4th week: Workshop and a test for 4 type – personality, to know yourself, understand about people character with an international trainer).
  • Video to say thank you to you ( If you need it, to post on your social channel)
  • Pictures of your time working here ( if you need it for your CV)
  • We offer 2 way – airport and home. For volunteers stay > 1 month
  • We offer 1 way – airport and home. For volunteers stay > 2 weeks
What to do in the free time

YOUR TIME OFF IS YOURS, but we have:

  • All the staff and students around you to consult you on where you should visit, help you understand the local places, the best price for things and good tours…
  • All of us are here to help you with any questions, or go with you anywhere if we have time


Local culture

We are located in the Center of Ho Chi Minh, in a quiet area, with no traffic, a nice neighbourhood, and a nice view. Our place is 6 Km far from the airport, 4 Km far to the Bui Vien Street (The street where backpackers hang out). The price nearby is a local price, so it’s cheaper than the main tourist areas.

We are also nearby to one of the biggest parks in Ho Chi Minh, and there are a nice swimming pool and gyms nearby too. Coffee shops, local markets and supermarkets (Big C is the main one and is only an 8-minute walk!) are close as well.

How to get to your site

We pay volunteers Taxi fee from the airport to my house. Just put our address and take the taxi

Is there internet access?



My WhatsApp: +84905533203
My facebook:

teach english in Vietnam, learn english in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, volunteer for free in Vietnam, free volunteering, volunteer for free, teach english in exchange of hospitality, Teach English in Ho Chi Minh City

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Author: Voluntouring staff

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4 thoughts on “Discover Ho Chi Minh for free by teaching your language in Vietnam

  1. I am an artist from Russia, and I want new experiences and impressions for my work. I dream of exotic places and hitherto unknown friends. I have a variety of interests, like: sports, history, and of course English. I can speak English well, with very good British pronunciation. Vietnam is a place where Iโ€™d love to work as a volunteer as it appeals to me by its radically different climate (I live in Siberia), and also its otherness and exoticism.
    Yours truly

    1. Hello Sergey. I would recommend you to use the contact details section to get in touch with this host. Hosts usually don’t read the comment sections.
      Have nice adventures abroad!

  2. I spent two weeks with Ms. My at Remi’s English school, and I have only positive things to say!
    Ms. My is such a role model for starting such a beautiful project, her English school helps locals in an empowering, effective way that will truly help them to break the cycle of poverty back home- and this couldn’t happen without the volunteer English teachers.
    She provides everything you need while you’re there, and you have a real opportunity to meet a wide range of Vietnamese locals, including those who are doing better and those who are doing worse. And lastly You will have enough freedom to explore Ho Chi Minh City as well, so it’s really a perfect opportunity!
    Can’t reccommend her more!!


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