Help at a volunteer community farm in the South of France

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Experience the Cat farm lifestyle community

Cat Farm is hosting travellers from all around the world. Volunteer and experience a community lifestyle in the south of France
Latest update: 30th December 2019

We would love to meet you, for real! Would you like to get your hands dirty and join our awesome team of Cats in 2020 at the Catfarm? We are looking for volunteers!ย Are you looking for an adventure where you can create, build, and grow? We would like to share our little patch of paradise with you.

  • 2 weeks minimum, and as a volunteer, you stay at the Catfarm for free!
    to get involved use the contact details below (in the contact details section, not the comment section!
We are also looking for skilled volunteers.

Are you a ninja in the vegan kitchen? We are looking for an amazing chef! Or maybe you are good at building a bad-ass app with us to save the world? Sounds like your challenge?
We would love to hear from you. To get in touch with us, use the contact details below (in the contact details section, not the comment section!).

Latest update: news 16th/08/2019

Hello Volunteers!ย In the beautiful and warm southern region of France, the Catfarm community will host a Youth Exchange during 17th of September till the 30th of September.

An experience that brings together 25 youngsters from 5 different countries through Erasmus+ education.

We are looking for volunteers who are open to a new adventure and can help us with cooking, and keeping the place organised during our Youth Exchange Program!

During this project, Catfarm will transform into an educational and multicultural gathering.

We are also in need of a vegetarian cook!

If you are interested please keep in mind to be sure you can volunteer during this period. We canโ€™t effort people to cancel last minute!

intentional community, digital nomad, tribe, volunteers, volunteering, south of France, countryside, workaway, catfarm

Food and accommodation are covered!

Apply through the form please:

Google doc form – Cat Farm

More information about the Youth Exchange project:

cat farm, catfarm, wwoof, wwoofing, south of france, workaway, volunteering, volunteer, tipi


Previous posting

10th of January 2019: Cat farm is searching for a community leader.

Hi Volunteers!

Anyone looking to spend some time in France? Our off-grid permaculture community is looking for a community leader!
We are a self-sustaining, off-grid community of travellers and creatives pioneering a different way of life, and we are looking for someone who is captivated by the potential of curiosities yet to unfold in the French hills.
Ideally, we are looking for someone wanting to grow some roots, who would be willing to stay for between 3 and 24 months.
Wanted: A community leader who loves cats!

This position is open to couples too! We are looking for people to help the Catfarm put its best paw forward, who can organise the community, plan ahead and communicate well.

Itโ€™s also a bonus if you have experience living off-grid and have skills in art or writing. As a Cat Commander (a.k.a community leader) you get some purrfect bonuses!
  • For a start, you get to be a part of our global community of Cool Cats.
  • This position also gives you your own space to be a digital nomad, and to develop your own creative project within the vision of the Catfarm.
  • Thereโ€™s even a tractor and workshop to help make this happen.
On top of that, your accommodation is free!
There is a house available but you are also welcome to bring a camper, and thereโ€™s even the potential to build your own tiny house on site.
Your commission will be โ…“ of the Catfarmโ€™s rental income, plus a fee as a cook during Erasmus projects.

Does an idyllic French farm community full of cats sound like the kind of life youโ€™re looking for?

community leader, intentional community, eco-village, france, workaway, volunteering


Catfarm is hosting travellers from all around the world.

Step off-grid and join a collaborative art project and be a part of the purrrfect community. We are a collective in the beautiful southern region of France, working, living, and growing alongside each other.
Sign up via our website (see contact details down below)!

Other volunteers positions

We need some extra paws at the Catfarm that know how to nail woodwork or are generally handy. To restore this rusty old โ€™74 Peugeot and convert it into a vintage sleeping vehicle!

This cosy cat cabin will be the sparkling sleeping space for our romantically nomadic community members that want to rest their heads on something classy with a story.

This volunteer project offers a unique opportunity to:

  • ride a tractor,
  • scavenge a scrap yard, and
  • build a masterpiece together.

We have the equipment to move huge pieces of metal and are open to all creative input.
The sky is the limit!

If you are interested in collaborating with other types of artists, learning about sustainable living, and have an affinity for cats this is perfect for you!


Costs for food are between 3.5 – 5 euro a day.

It’s just not doable to pay for the food of the people since we barely generate any income at all.
And what we do earn goes to our crazy projects.

The Cat farm is a sister project of the registered non-profit Adventures of the Valparaiso in the Netherlands.

Accommodation is included.

We work as a group and decide in the begin of the week the objectives in a community meeting. We need handy people, but all sorts of people from all walks of life can sign up.

Minimum/Total time commitment – 1 week.
General info about the CAT FARM

It is time to grow our family, this is not something that can be told, it is a feeling… a knowledge that comes when the time is right.
We are very lucky here, our family changes all the time with cheerful greetings that change into fond farewells.
Whilst here everyone finds their role, from a Mum to a Teenager plus a crazy Uncle/Auntie or two, each fulfilling important tasks and contributing in their own unique way.

It is now time to add a Sister or Brother to the mix.

This position is an exceptional opportunity for the right type of person. It’s not just a new adventure… it is a way of life. It is a chance to step away from the humdrum existence of regular society and into a paradise of your own making. Step onto the Catfarm and into the alternative way to live: where the people are valued and ‘Sharing is Caring’ is the mantra that we live by. Feel welcomed, feel loved, fill your time making the right sort of difference with us.

My role is the Cat Commander – I look after Uncle Ruud, the Catfarm and the Human Cats who volunteer and become part of our family for the time they are here. My role is very fluid and consumes as much time as it must. Whilst we continue to build the community, there are many other tasks that need to be completed and this is the area that the right person will fulfil. Ideally, you will have experience in community life as well as strong project management skills. The ability to work independently is a must and also to be willing to commit to a 1-year minimum (there will be an initial probationary period to make sure we fit) be warned though – if the Magic of the Catfarm finds youโ€ฆ you may well find the rest of your life here.

This role is not for everybody, the magic and the opportunity are undeniable but living off-grid brings about its own challenges. It is a simple life. We are also always conscious of our main objective ‘Sustainability’ and you must be too. If โ€˜throw it awayโ€™ is the first thing that you think then you will find life here a challenge.

We want to promote a way of being that moves as far away as possible from the disposable society we have become.

cat farm, catfarm, community, eco-village, ecology, france, south of france, volunteer


This way of life is something that needs to start inside of yourself – if you can see the better way of doing things, then this could be for you.

If this is an opportunity that excites you, and you believe that you can bring something special to the role then please apply by letting us know why you think you would be good for us and the Catfarm. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bring your passion, bring your ideas, bring your personality and bring yourself to the stunning Southย of France.

Practical info

Every day participants contribute โ‚ฌ5/day which is inclusive of all meals and a glass of wine. BYOS (Bring Your Own Sleeping bag). Our main living area, The Hanger, is where we sleep, cook and relax.

We require volunteers to be open to alternative ways of living, as you will be sleeping in our shared space, or in a tent or hammock.


Find contact details and form to apply onย
To volunteer go here:
If you are a skilled volunteer, go to
The Cat farm is a sister project of the registered non-profit Adventures of the Valparaiso in the Netherlands.

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2 thoughts on “Help at a volunteer community farm in the South of France

  1. Hey !

    My name is Franzi and I would love to help ! I am currently doing my Abitur/ bac and would love to see new people and volunteer a bit before my actual work starts. I am 18 years old and love animals, taking care of them and being creative as well as hardworking.

    Do you need people during summer like june, july or august?

    I am looking forward to your reply.
    Have a good day !

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