How to obtain a Visa for volunteering in Brazil

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Volunteer Visa in Brazil? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “volunteer visa” per se. Any employment — even for no remuneration — requires a work permit/work visa.

You may not work, even as a volunteer, on a tourist visa. In fact, you may not conduct business of any kind on a tourist visa with the exception of some minor carve outs for people attending conferences or athletes participating in single athletic events.

Visas for volunteer activities in Brazil require a lower level of approval than for a foreigner looking to take a paying job.

But you’ll still need the following documents:

  • Letter of invitation from the organisation in Brazil signed by a duly authorised representative
  • Record of constitution of the organisation in Brazil
  • Proof of the registration of the Brazilian organisation in the corresponding council of social assistance
  • Document characterising the place where services will be rendered and description of the activities that shall be performed
  • Affidavit from the organisation in Brazil pledging responsibility for the financial support of the candidate and the return to their country of origin
  • Proof of health insurance valid in Brazil
  • Police report showing that the candidate has no criminal records
  • Resume that demonstrates previous work experience or degree for the field in which the applicant is requiring the visa
  • Proof that the Brazilian organisation is functioning regularly
  • Passport valid for at least for six months after arrival in Brazil
  • Birth certificate or equivalent official document stating the applicant’s parents’ names
  • Itinerary printout

You take these documents, along with the application, to your nearest Brazilian embassy or consulate along with you check book.

Cost of Visa might be a minimum of $160 — since that’s what the business visa costs.

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