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Help at an organic farm and Holistic centre in Bulgaria. Namaste! – I have just bought 2,900m2 of land with a partially renovated house and a barn in the South West of Bulgaria very close to the Macedonian border. The property is firstly to be my residence, where I can live in comfort, in permaculture ways, growing organic food to eat and share, and help me to experientially realises true self. Secondly, it will be a place where I can share the many holistic healing modalities which have helped me in my awakening journey. It will therefore also be a place to which I will sometimes invite guests on occasions, to join me in my healing sanctuary. Perhaps you will be one?

The land is set in the foothills of the surrounding mountains at approx. 900 mt above sea level, about 15 minutes walk to the nearest village (Ranentsi) passing just a few neighbours on the way. The views are beautiful, the air is fresh and clean. I am 14 km away from the nearest town – Kyustendil, and water is abundant (2 wells on the land + municipal water + rivers and lakes in the surrounding area).

The old brick house, with stone cellar underneath, has been part renovated and doubled in size. I will continue the renovations beginning next week with two local friends. I’ve already started clearing the huge garden, dug a hole for a compost toilet and have just built a small rocket stove outside. There are electricity and internet.

You can see a video of the property here before work started:



Accommodation (as of 25/8/2019) will be in your own tent, (or I can probably lend you one) or on a mattress in the loft (but see update below as work is progressing). By mid to late September the house should have windows and doors fitted and my room should be ready to move in. If it gets too cold to sleep in a tent you can put a mattress on my bedroom floor) or move a tent into the second bedroom. Hopefully by the end of September / early October when it can start to get very cold at night, I will have finished making the masonry rocket central heating cookstove which I intend to construct. I just bought the plans from Walker Stoves!

Currently no kitchen or bathroom inside, but there is a rocket stove outside. There are a tap and concrete floor pan outside for washing. Compost toilet (currently just a pit with a lid) outside. By end of October I hope to have bathroom ready inside (but see update below as work is progressing).

I will be happy for you to join me in my morning meditation, and some days kundalini or hatha yoga classes, mantra singing around the fire, and to offer holistic health consultations.

A bit more about me:

Atma started to become aware he was on a “spiritual journey” way back in 2005. Since then he has travelled extensively, including living in Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, India and now Bulgaria. Atma began a yoga teacher training in 2008 and then began researching and practising holistic healing through nutrition, cleansing, meditation, yoga and emotional integration. In 2012 he opened a healing retreat centre in Mexico which he ran for 5 years before moving on to France for 4.5 months where he volunteered at a yoga school working in the garden and kitchen and completing a Permaculture Design Course. He then moved to India where he stayed at an ashram for 10 months. Atma does his best to be aware of the present moment, remembering who or what he really is. To help with this he is quite often silent and/or taking time to be alone, but is passionate about sharing with others about his journey and practices which have helped him become more balanced and peaceful.

Update 5th September 2019

I’ve had the pleasure of two volunteers, James and Arina staying this week. We’ve made a lot of progress clearing brambles, dead wood, builders rubble and more, making space around the house. We also are a lot of blackberries as we cleared the brambles.

Also, I chose a window and door company and they should start installation at the end of next week. I will probably buy the plans for the Walker Stoves Continental cookstove today which I intend to use for central heating, cooking and hot water.

The 20 brick rocket stove I built in the garden is working very well for cooking at the moment.


What type of host are you?


What are you looking for help with?


What’s the mission of your community?

To promote holistic health, which includes body, mind and emotional/spiritual health.

How many volunteers could you host?

More than two

When would you need volunteers?

Initially, a 1-week trial but I am open for longer-term stays

How many hours of help per day?

4-5 hours of help per day

How many days of help per week?

5 days per week – 2 days off

Note about the volunteer work and other expectations

Depending upon when you come, helpers could be asked to work in the garden (clearing overgrown grass, trees, trimming branches, saving and processing firewood, clearing debris from part demolition of the old house, salvaging materials, strimming, preparing beds for plants, composting, help building compost toilet, helping build a masonry rocket mass central heating cookstove, helping with renovation work on house or barn, irrigation system, making cabinets for kitchen/bedroom, etc. etc.

I offer a choice of two options to stay:
  • 20 hours work per week, meals included (food preparation not included in hours – but we share in meal prep)
  • or 10 hours work per week, meals not included (you supply your own food).
Are accommodation and food included?

Yes, we offer food and accommodation

What type of accommodation can you provide?
  • Dormitory/shared rooms
  • Tent
  • Private room for a couple
Diet – nutrition information

Vegetarian or Vegan

Fees transparency

No fees

VISA – could you provide Visa support/info/invitation letters?

Maybe. We can help with an invitation letter if the candidate has good qualifications.


Volunteers’ benefits:

I will be happy for you to join me in my morning meditation, and some days kundalini or hatha yoga classes, mantra singing around the fire, and to offer holistic health consultations.

What to do in the free time

Hiking in surrounding hills/mountains, swimming in nearby rivers/lakes/reservoirs (although it is beginning to get cold especially at night now), hot mineral spa’s in nearby Kyustendil.


English, a very little Spanish, Turkish and French and a very little Bulgarian

How to get to your site

Plane to Sofia. 2-hour bus to Kyustendil, then another 20-minute bus to Ranentsi or I may be able to pick you up in Kyustendil

Is there internet access?


“Paying guests” Option. Could you accommodate “solidarity” tourists?

Yes, we can accommodate eco/responsible tourists & paying guests

Whatsapp +359876718217
Viber +359876718217
Skype pete.j.adams
Telephone +359876718217 or +447799873822
Hostname: Atma
Host Email:

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