Farm in the Sahara Project – help and stay at our place in Morocco

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Farm in the Sahara: would you like to volunteer and experience the nomadic lifestyle in the Sahara Desert? Who we are: Farm in the Sahara Project – The Project will restore and incorporate modern amenities into a 400 yr old home & farm, and hopefully employ many in the village.

Where we are

Tagounite, Morocco

The role/expectations
What is included (food, accommodation, etc)

Volunteers will sleep in shared rooms with doors and windows inside the house. There is electricity in every room and running water in the kitchen and shower.
Rooms are equipped with mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets. In the warmth of summer, you can choose to sleep in the yard under the stars, or if you prefer in a Berber tent.
Volunteers will share a common kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and a place to relax after work.
We can offer 3 meals per day, including Moroccan mint tea.

Fees transparency


How many hours of work per day/week

Maximum: 3 hours a day, 5 days a week

Minimum/Total time commitment: n/a

Additional info

My name is Abde Errahmane. I come from a nomad family, half Touareg, half Berber, who spent all his life in the desert, moving from place to place until we stopped at the gate of the desert, around 60 km away from Zagora. I would like to share all of my knowledge about life on this harsh and alluring land with all people who are curious to learn about it.
If you decide to come and volunteer at my place, I will make your journey a haunting experience filled with magic.
I am building a house with my family with the intention to create an adjoining guesthouse for visitors to enjoy this way of life with us.



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