Tips for Getting the Cheapest Flight Tickets

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Cheapest flight tickets – Travelling by plane is becoming less popular because more people care about saving the planet (and that’s a good thing!). This article focuses on flights that go to a neighbouring continent like America or Europe.

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Tips for Getting the Cheapest Tickets

โ€จโ€จAre you going for a trip around the world, an internship abroad or a romantic weekend? There are many different options when choosing a flight. Here are some simple yet effective tips to effectively save on transportation.

Plan ahead:

6 to 7 months in advance is the ideal time to benefit from cheaper prices. If you can, buy your ticket as soon as possible.

Be flexible in dates

Generally leaving on a Tuesday in cheaper than leaving on a Friday. If your schedule allows, compare and choose the best day of the week to take off.ย  Of course, leaving on school holidays or the actual day of the holiday is also more economical.

Arriving time:

One way to save a hotel night is sometimes to play on the arrival date. Leaving at 3 oโ€™clock in the morning and arriving at 10 oโ€™clock in the morning is quite restrictive, but itโ€™s better to have to pay one night when we arrive.

Create an alert:

You have the option to create a price alert on some sites to receive an email in case of a good sale. If time allows, you should not hesitate to use this option, even if only a few weeks to see if the alert is triggered.


Google flight and other comparing websites are absolutely great to use. Compare rates between providers and between a few dates also if possible.


If you have the option to benefit from Miles, with some cards and loyalty programs, well known in the United States and Canada in particular, use them. Be careful to compare the โ€œprice of the mileโ€ according to the monetary price. Some destinations with the same price do not require the same number of miles. This means that if you pay for a ticket with miles, you will pay more for it in the end. It is in some cases more advantageous to keep your miles and pay directly to keep its benefits for other trips.

Flight + Hotel

Look at any proposed offers or โ€œpackagesโ€. Companies often have alliances and can offer better prices for booking a plan and hotel together than the two booked separately.

To travel light:

I never pay for luggage. Traveling with a well-packed bag in the cabin allows me to save on my ticket a little more. Be careful to check the dimensions allowed for carry-on bags in advance of your flight.

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Choose your seat:

When a company offers to allow you to choose your seat, be careful. When selecting a seat, there is a little button that says โ€œno thank you. I do not want to choose a seatโ€. If you click on it, a seat will be assigned automatically.

The insurance:

Insurance is important if you want it. Towards the end of your reservation, before the payment page, you are often offered insurance. Be careful too, some providers add them by default and you need to uncheck the box if you do not want it.

Last tip, read then small print, fees, options, and conditionsโ€ฆ

It is necessary to choose preferably a plane ticket in advance and taking your time during the purchase. I would like to wish you a safe journey.


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