Volunteering in a traditional guesthouse in Iran.

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Volunteering in Iran – Have a very nice volunteer experience in a traditional guesthouse in Varzaneh (Isfahan province). Negaar Varzaneh traditional Guest house is a traditional hotel, with 7 private rooms, with private bathroom and toilet, an office, a kitchen, and hang out common area. There is a tour desk also for people interested to have some adventure in nature around.

A nice place to hang out with other fellow travellers and volunteers.

Various kinds of help needed like
  • volunteering in Irantourism promotion,
  • general upkeep of the place,
  • community development.

Also activities around sustainability, music, traditional lifestyle, handicraft, medicinal plants… and much more!

Volunteer Benefits

Lots of nature and history around for you to enjoy (sand dunes, salt lake, caravanserai, old citadel with pigeon towers…).

Negaar guesthouse is the perfect place to unwind in a casual atmosphere far away from the busy cities, even if you don’t come as a volunteer (easy access from Isfahan). The place has already a very good reputation, the manager Mohammad and the staff are very nice. We also sometimes organize some excursions for several natural spots around. Come to meet us in Varzaneh, to observe the milky way, see the sand dunes, & salt lake…

Food and Accommodation

Accommodation in a private room with an attached bathroom if available. All meals included, always very good.

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How to reach us

It is easy to reach Varzaneh from Isfahan. From the Bus Terminal located in Jey Street (Terminal Jey on Google Maps), you can take a bus/minibus to Varzaneh. For more information, ask to the staff in the bus terminal. You don’t have to buy a ticket, just get on the bus and pay when you get off. The ticket should be 50/000 IR Rials, including luggage service. The journey takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes and usually the bus service runs every one or two hours as the driver wait till the bus fills up with passengers. You can show the driver following sentence in Persian, and he will stop almost in front of our guesthouse (to get in just follow the signs): راننده‌ی محترم، لطفا در محل ترمینال قدیمی ورزنه جلو رباط عباسی، برای اقامتگاه سنتی نگار توقف کنید. – If you prefer, we can order a taxi from your hotel; the cost is 550/000 Rials.


 Negaar Varzaneh Traditional Guest House (Facebook)

varzanehtourism@gmail.com (E-mail)

http://negaarhouse.com (website)

negaarguesthouse (Instagram)

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