Creating an Eco Habitat near Chicago

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We are creating an Eco Habitat near Chicago. This is a message for all who are concerned about climate change, sustainable living and are looking for ways to “do” something about it, in synergy with others. We will use eco-construction techniques, renewable energy, permaculture practices… Also an animal sanctuary for animal rescue and animal therapy for children with autism and disabilities, and an art center.

We are looking for more people to collaborate with us, generously contributing their expertise and talents (volunteer basis), just like we are, people who are committed to doing something about climate change and sustainability.

You can contact me personally via messages and I will be happy to tell you more.

If you don’t live near Chicago, we can also connect, via video-chat.

We are creating a worldwide network (Denmark, England, Argentina…), so we would love to hear from you too!

Voluntouring will be an excellent platform once our Eco Habitat is in full operation, to offer volunteer opportunities, even for those who just want to sample a different way of life.
Right now we are looking for committed individuals who will help us create it. And I am sure some volunteers on volunteering are exactly that, very committed to “do” something about climate change beyond talking to raise awareness:)

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
In loving Synergy,


My WhatsApp is +1 773 301 4443

Also, explore my CS profile

Author: Voluntouring staff

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