Volunteering abroad: tips and advices

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Volunteer tips – Some advices before you choose a place where you can volunteer.

  1. Read the host description very carefully
  2. Consider having a conversation with your host via Skype, Telegram or WhatsApp prior to choosing the place. See how you feel about the volunteering opportunity after you had the call.

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During the call, ask them as many questions as possible about:

  • working hours,

How many hours will you be working? And how many days a week?

  • activities involved; type of works needed in specific seasons

What will you be doing? Building/construction? Gardening? Computer or domestic work? Cooking or cleaning? Administration or Fundraising?

  • things to do in the free time

What can you do there during your free time? Are there any interesting place to see? Museum or historical landmarks? Mountain or forest paths to explore?

  • accommodation type

Where will you be sleeping? Is it going to be a dormitory (shared place with other volunteer members) or a single room?

  • weather,

What is the weather like in the place where you will be volunteering?

  • useful things to bring with you

Ask your host which things/clothes or tools will be useful to bring with you (torches, sleeping bags, computer, etc.)

  • expectations.

What are your host expectation in terms of productivity? And what are yours, in terms of experience? What are both of you expecting from this experience?

An extra advice for sociable/friendly volunteers.

If you are a social/sociable person, it is recommendable to choose a place that accommodates more than just one volunteer at a time. For instance, a community farm, an eco-village, or an association/social cafe/group-organization. More volunteers is usually more fun, as the experience is shared with international friends of similar age.

catfarm, cat farm, volunteer, france, workaway, helpx, wwoof, wwoofing, wwoofers, countryside, organic farm, intentional community, eco-village, voluntouringA volunteer community farm in the south of France

Donยดt count the hours

4) Do your best as a volunteer and don’t count the hours. That is not a good attitude to go when volunteering.

It is not a vacation!

5) Remember that Voluntouring and volunteering abroad, in general, is not an alternative free vacation. The best attitude is to take it as a serious work experience even though you are not paid.

Go to the volunteer platforms page to see which platform you can use to volunteer abroad.

If you don’t want to pay for subscribing, consider using an open-source website such as Voluntouring www.voluntouring.org. You can start from the LOCATIONS PAGE or search based on topics/activities.


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