European Solidarity Corps 2020 Experiential learning forum in Romania

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Experiential Learning Festival

Volunteer at the ELF festival in Romania: We’re excited to introduce this our 2020 ESC project EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING FORUM re-EDU FESTIVAL. – Taking place in Harja, Romania and co-created by 4 volunteering teams, of totally 56 International & Romanian volunteers. It’s you we’re looking for!!ย  It’s gonna be an adventure! From promoting NFE activities in multiple urban and rural communities around Romania, you will be directly involved and responsible for organizing:

  • a Summer Camp
  • 1st of June events
  • 2 festivals
  • promoting NFE, ESC, experiential learning,
  • promoting EU values, solidarity, promoting the festival

More information


More information

European solidarity corps, Erasmus+, european voluntary service, Romania, ELF festival,Through this project we are aiming (short-long term) to promoting volunteering and its benefits as well as Non-Formal Education as a tool for societal development, cohesion and solidarity organising a large scale event/ festival: โ€œExperiential Learning Forumโ€. The Festival is aimed at inviting all ESC volunteers and organisations, schools, universities, representatives of educational institutions, public bodies, companies, and every member of the public who is interested in discovering more of the benefits that are encompassed in the ESC program, and other related programs like Erasmus+.

We want to create a space where education public, private, institutionalized, free, formal, informal and non-formal can be positively affected, innovated, debated, and mostly experienced. Organising such an event through solidarity intervention of volunteers from various countries and backgrounds, including those with fewer opportunities plays a big role into bringing also various inputs, perspectives on education, youth, adulthood, growth, cultural heritage, employability, environmental sustainability, and underlining inclusion through the factual presence of so many individuals, backgrounds, ages, cultures in the same place, with the same purpose.

  • 12 April โ€“ 12 May Volunteering TEAM 1 x 8 EU volunteers + 5 Romanian
  • 16 May โ€“ 26 June TEAM 2 x 8 EU volunteers + 5 Romanian
  • 6 July โ€“ 3 September TEAM 3 x 14 EU volunteers +6 Romanian
  • 15 September โ€“ 16 October TEAM 4 x 8 EU volunteers + 5 Romanian
This volunteer exchange covers:
  • Accommodation for free,
  • food allowance
  • and pocket money,
  • transport

Other benefits

We have super cool accommodation, a river to swim in, a forest to trek, hike, cycle.

What plans do you have this summer?

European solidarity corps, Erasmus+, european voluntary service, Romania, ELF festival,


Applications are open:
App form:
check us online:

European solidarity corps, Erasmus+, european voluntary service, Romania, ELF festival,

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