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Costa Rica exchange – We’re currently on the lookout for new volunteers and passionate souls to participate in the construction of Zunya in Malpais, Costa Rica. Our team aims for a diversity of thought and knowledge, so volunteers in different fields are always welcome! Zunya is a future home for the development of socially and environmentally conscious projects, and a nest of sustainability. It is also a safe space for guests and visitors to reconnect and deepen the bond with themselves, nature and others.

At the moment, we’re eager to bring in:
  • An experienced chef preferably plant based or conscious cuisine
  • Plumbing expert
  • Carpentry/woodworking expert
  • Construction in general
The exchange

In exchange for 5 hours of volunteer work per day, our team can offer accommodation and meals for the duration of your stay.


A minimum of 8 days volunteering commitment is required for all participants.

You will have to pay for your travels to reach us at Zunya.


If you or anyone you know is eager to explore new horizons and enjoy the serenity of nature, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and send us an email at:

With the below info:
Your fields of expertise with your resume
Dates you are interested in coming in.🌟 🙏🏼

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