Hospitality exchange in Basilicata, Italy, at Beppe’s farm

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Help us enlarge a self-sufficient community in Basilicata, Italy

Hospitality exchange in Basilicata – Beppe resides in two areas of the Lucano Apennines, seeking to establish a community aimed at achieving total food self-sufficiency in Basilicata. He seeks collaborators to manage sheep and goats for producing cheese, wool, and skins, and someone to oversee a comprehensive vegetable garden for seed collection and product conservation.

In exchange, Beppe offers hospitality for a trial period, preferring long-term collaborators passionate about a countryside/mountain lifestyle. This initiative promotes a healthy and natural lifestyle, rich with small satisfactions, and immersed in rural surroundings. For further details, Beppe encourages inquiries.

Read Beppe’s announcement:

Beppe’s call

my name is Beppe and I live 500 m away from each other in two areas of the Lucano Apennines. I’d like to create a community to achieve complete food self-sufficiency. Iย am looking for collaborators (for the management of a small flock of sheep and goats for the production of cheese, wool and skins), and someone who takes care of the 360 ยฐ vegetable garden for production and seed collection, vegetable cultivation, product collection and conservation.

Exchange of hospitality in Basilicata

In return, I can offer hospitality for a trial period. I am looking for lasting collaborators, preferably not for short periods. Ideally, the volunteer should want to passionately share this countryside/mountain lifestyle. This is a healthy and natural lifestyle, made of small satisfactions, immersed in the countryside.



For more information don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.


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