Information regarding travel to Denmark in March-April 2020

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Denmark coronavirus update – From Saturday 14th March 2020, at noon (12:00), the Danish Government will close the Danish Country’s borders until further notice. This means that no one except Danish citizens and people with a proven and approved work or job task in Denmark will be denied entry. This means all travellers have been forbidden entry to Denmark.

Therefore, please do not book a vacation or pay flight, train, bus, boat or another type of transportation to Denmark. You, as a tourist or voluntourist, will simply be denied entry and turned away (if no travel insurance for your own cost).

Unfortunately, Denmark will currently therefore not be able to receive you at the moment but hopefully, the Danish people will have a chance to offer all that wonderful Denmark has to offer at a later time.

Please see also WHO and CDC websites for official information

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Author: Voluntouring staff

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