Help with picking fruit and vegetables in the UK during the coronavirus emergency [paid]

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Harvesting – This opportunity is only for UK residents

Work on a British farm during the COVID-19 emergency!ย  -“There’s an urgent request for British workers to help harvest crops in the UK due to travel restrictions impacting on EU workers being able to fill these roles. Source.

Travel restrictions and tighter border controls around the world are having a major impact on the number of people willing or able to travel during the outbreak.ย With the soft fruit-picking season due to get fully underway in April, labour specialists HOPS are now inviting British people to apply for jobs picking and packing fruit and veg.

The paid positions could provide an income for students, job seekers and anyone who has been laid off work due to the impact of Covid-19, such as those working in hospitality and catering”.

HOPS Operations Director, Sarah Boparan said farmers urgently need a UK labour force who can help harvest crops to feed the nation:

At a time when international travel is restricted and people are panic buying due to the Coronavirus, it is crucial that growers can provide enough British produce to our supermarkets and local shops. As the peak season for soft fruit picking gets underway, HOPS are calling on British workers to help support the industry in jobs that are usually filled by EU workers. We are aware that there are many people facing sustained periods away from their usual employment or studies and HOPS can offer paid positions for those who are willing to work.

Apply to work on a British farm

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, UK farms have a shortage of seasonal labour to help pick and pack fruit and vegetables. British workers should apply for these paid positions on local farms across the UK.

HOPS is working with Fruitful and Concordia to help find people to fill positions on UK farms. Successful applicants will receive training on the farm and can be assured that all farms, many of which are open fields, are following the correct procedures around safe working conditions during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have compiled a list of FAQs here. Please check through this information before contacting the team as we are receiving a lot of enquiries. Thank you for your understanding.

Please watch the video below for more information about working on a HOPS farm.

More information can also be found in the HOPS Workers Handbook.ย You can also view our presentation slides.

If you are interested in applying for a position on a UK farm, please complete the form below this video and a member of the HOPS team will be in touch.


Interested applicants need to complete an online application form after they have reviewed the information about the work involved.ย Successful applicants will receive training on the farm.

To apply for a position on one of HOPS farms in the UK, complete theย online form.

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