Free courses online to attend during COVID-19 emergency

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A free links list by Neeki Armani

Free courses online and other interesting websites by Neeki โ€“Hi everyone, I hope this is some help to anyone at home suddenly tasked with home-schooling/online schooling their kids during the quarantine period. Below, Iโ€™ve scoured the web and compiled a list of links to the best resources that have either been generously made free by providers for the duration of lockdown (or always). I have no affiliation with anything listed below.

I tried to provide for all subjects, (although as a science teacher I may have a bit of a STEM bias) and ensure they are good/interesting enough that I would/do use in class.

P.S. SHARE THIS WITH WHOEVER NEEDS IT! It’s my little contribution towards the COVID effort. Thank you to all of you who are restoring my faith in humanity!

  1. – At home science practical/hands-on ideas.
  2. – Engaging & varied maths activities
  3. – Online automated maths help with step by step working out.
  4. – Gamified maths, science and coding on Minecraft!
  5. – Science (and STEM) podcasts & activities.
  6. – Age appropriate (8-18) live (and recorded) coding lessons!
  7.โ€ฆ/ย – 3D Design Challenges
  • – Comprehension skills on whatever topic you choose.
  • – Helping students write their own novels.
  • – Free ebooks
  •ย – Free audiobooks

Modern Foreign Languages:
  • – Online gamified language learning.
  •ย – Well known stories and translations in multiple languages.
  1.โ€ฆย โ€“ Live PE Lessons โ€“ Joe Wicks
  2. – Temporarily free kids yoga resources.
  3.โ€ฆ โ€“ Amazing Yoga Music for Kids โ€“ Kira Willey
  4.ย – Kids & adult online live online parkour classes.
During your daily outdoor exercise:
  1.ย – Imagination with just a stick!
  2.โ€ฆ/bโ€ฆ/how-to-identify-trees/ย -With companion app for identifying trees you see.

If you need help or have any questions for me about provided work from school or how to make the most of home educating your kids, you can message me on my page for free and I will try to help as much as possible:

Your child probably has a work set from school, and these should help but in my experience, the beauty of home-school also gives them the opportunity to delve into any subject that interests them and ignite their curiosity. Please give them this freedom too!

Please feel free to share, I spent the last few days compiling this list and want as many people to benefit from it!


Say thank you to Neeki A.

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