Join online language groups for refugees during COVID-19 lockdown

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Free language conversations ONLINE – Hello everyone! SPEAK is organizing online language groups for refugees!  We are looking for:

  • Italian,
  • English
  • Spanish

speakers to be part of our community and share your language and culture while helping others break the language barrier.

General information

At SPEAK we bring together newcomers and locals living in the same city through community-led language groups and events. Our experience is offline but with Covid-19 we had to change.
Many people are struggling with social isolation and with a lack of a network of support, particularly the more vulnerable groups of our society – as the elderly, migrants and refugees. Until further notice, we will run online languages groups to help to break the isolation barrier that all of us are now forced to live.
We know these sessions can’t solve the issue the world is facing but this is our best to bring you love and opportunities to learn. It doesn’t matter where you are, and who you are. Join us and share your world.

Laugh in every language.
Learning at SPEAK is never boring: with sessions full of games and groups activities, time will fly by. We’re all talk: The best way to learn a language is by using it. You will do most of the talking during sessions and you’ll practice everyday conversations that you can use everywhere.

This announcement was left in our Facebook group the 13/05/2020 by Teresa Couto

Check our disclaimer regarding COVID-19


If you want to join us, just fill this form:

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