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Organic farm in England – We are looking for volunteer help in our home on an organic care farm that runs a nature conservation training programme.

Our Mission:

To help people achieve their goals for nature, science, education and employment.

Our aims:
  • Nature Conservation Training: To offer a range of training opportunities and to demonstrate nature conservation in action
  • Opportunity for Learning: To maximise opportunities for everyone to learn about the natural world and (if they wish) gain relevant qualifications and employment
  • UK & EU: To nurture partnerships and networks to support our aims.
How we achieve our aims:
  1. Manage land for biodiversity and learning
  2. Foster partnerships and networks
  3. Recruit & support learners, trainees, apprentices and volunteers
  4. Access grant support
  5. Broaden income case
  6. Be open to project opportunities and funding

Land education on our organic farm managed for conservation and biodiversity. Live alongside nature conservation trainees. Get involved in some of the training and project.

Volunteering in an organic farm in England experiencing nature conservation

Volunteering with Ambios offers a unique opportunity for people to connect with nature, whilst making a useful contribution to the conservation of the South Devon Landscape. Our volunteers are mostly based at Lower Sharpham Farm, our organic farm in the idyllic Dart River Valley. They will spend time in the open air, engaging with the natural environment, learning practical conservation skills and meeting like-minded people.

Our previous volunteer projects have ranged from organising a series of ‘citizen science’ BioBlitz 24-hour wildlife surveys across Devon, to using emerging ‘eco-therapy’ to help young people experiencing mental distress.  Ad hoc volunteering events also happen from time to time. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you want to keep informed.


Beautiful Devon, sw England.

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More information about volunteering in our organic farm and nature conservation project can be found at this page:

This announcement was left in our Facebook group the 11/05/2020 by Kate Davy

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