How to obtain a VISA in Sierra Leone

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Public notice

Visa in Sierra Leone โ€“ As part of the government’s commitment to promote tourism and attract foreign direct investment, the government of Sierra Leone wishes to inform the general public, airline operators, Sierra leone embassies and Missions overseas, International Air Transport Association (IATA), international partners and other government bodies that with effect from Thursday 5th September 2019, a new Visa on Arrival policy has been rolled-out for persons from the following countries or blocs:

  1. Unitedย  Kingdom
  2. European Union Citizens
  3. United States Citizens
  4. Citizens of Commonwealth member countries
  5. Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman)
  6. Citizens of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)
  7. Citizens of the following countries
    1. Lebanon
    2. Iran
    3. Cambodia
    4. Vietnam
    5. Singapore
    6. Indonesia
    7. Thailand
    8. Turkey
    9. Japan
    10. South Korea
    11. Norway
    12. Israel
    13. Bolivia
    14. East Timor
    15. Macau
    16. Samoa
    17. Tuvalu

Below are the VISA fees for ease of reference:

  • ECOWAS nationals โ€“ VISA free
  • Non-Ecowas AU nationals โ€“ USD 25.00
  • All other countries โ€“ USD 80.00

Citizens of ECOWAS states and all other countries with which Sierra Leone has visa-free agreements will continue to enjoy visa-free access.

Citizens of countries not listed above are required to visit the nearest Sierra Leone Embassy or Mission abroad to secure visas prior to visiting Sierra leone. All persons coming to Sierra Leone for a purpose other than tourism, visit or business, need to apply for a visa before undertaken such travel. We wish to reassure all potential visitors of a continuing hassle-free visa processing experience.

  • Chief Immigration Officer โ€“ Sierra Leone
  • Government of Sierra Leone
  • Ministry of internal affairs
  • Sierra Leone Immigration service

Source: Ishmael

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