Non-profit organization need volunteers in refugee camps

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A refugee camp project –Hi everyone, we are a non-profit organization operating since 2016 in refugee camps in Greece. Refugees are people coming mainly from:

  • Syria,
  • Kurdistan,
  • Afghanistan,
  • Iraq.

We provide basic medical assistance, organize English and science lessons, recreational and educational activities for adults and children, distribute basic necessities such as diapers, eyeglasses, hygiene products etc. Also, we work with the utmost commitment, seriousness and empathy to try to help these people, forced for years to wait for their relocation to a European country and meanwhile abandoned to themselves in truly precarious conditions.

We need volunteers from July 2020, compatibly with the ongoing pandemic.

Some more information about the organization:

La luna di Vasilika (Vasilika’s Moon) was born in autumn 2016 during a volunteering experience in the fields around Thessaloniki with other associations, no longer operating in Greece.

Going back home, and staying in different was not possible. We wanted to continue to be alongside these people, who have fled their war-torn country and are now forced to “survive” in the refugee camps waiting for a better future. We want to be there physically, providing them with basic necessities and medical assistance, giving English lessons, and exchanging tales on European customs and habits, creative and artistic activities. Over the years, many volunteers have joined us, and this experience drastically changed their lives .

Information about departure and current projects

To receive all the information on departure as a volunteer send an email with a short curriculum (see contact details section below). We have agreements with numerous Italian universities for the recognition of the volunteering period as Internship / Erasmus / Traineeship!

Some requirements
  • Only adults
  • We are looking for medical/health volunteers and general volunteers
  • Level of English required: basic-medium
  • Minimum duration: 10 days during the year, 20 days June July August, exceptions for healthcare professionals.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to situations that change in a short time and to teamwork are needed.


Visit our Facebook page to see what we do

and send us an email for more information on how to leave attaching a short CV!

We are partners of Erasmus Intern, an organization that connects students from all over the world with volunteering and work. More info here:

Thank you all

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Questi giorni sono speciali, anche se toccherà sopportare qualche prozia strana e curiosa, sotto sotto siamo tutti contenti di poter passare qualche giorno con le persone a cui vogliamo bene. I nostri pensieri vanno ai migliaia di rifugiati che si trovano in condizioni di vita che durante l’inverno diventano ancora più dure e rigide, e ai nostri coordinatori e volontari, che scelgono di passare questi giorni al fianco di queste persone. Cerchiamo di portare un po’ di sollievo, come tutti i giorni dell’anno, ormai da tre anni. Anche tu da casa, puoi farci sentire il tuo calore ed affetto: con una donazione anche piccola, la condivisione del nostro lavoro o la richiesta di informazioni per partire come volontario. Sono i piccoli grandi gesti che ci fanno sentire umani ♥️

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