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We are inviting volunteers to our free summer camp in Pryluky! This summer we organize the free summer camp for kids to learn computer literacy. It’s always fun and interesting in our camp because engaging activities wait for children every day, as well as a lot of entertainment and, traditionally, lots of volleyball. In order for the children to get even more knowledge and positive emotions this year, we invite volunteers to cooperate with us.

It would be great if you:
  • study or work in technical areas,
  • are under 27 years,
  • you want to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Moreover, if you want to participate in the camp, but do not have the opportunity to come, we offer online volunteering. Conduct a workshop with children on Skype, prepare a lesson on an interesting topic which you can have online and join our workshopsย for volunteers.


So, all the participants will have fascinating master classes in programming. Every day we will play volleyball and have fun. Besides, you will have the opportunity to organize a picnic with our local volunteers, go fishing and ride to local historical monuments by bicycle.

We provide volunteers with free accommodation (an apartment in the city centre or a house in the suburbs, two people per room) and meals.
Our PRK SUMMER CITY CAMP is a great opportunity to share your culture and language, share your passion with kids and, of course, have time of your life and play volleyball.

Children dream of seeing the world as much as adults and with your help, we can invite the world to them!


If you want to join us, fill out the form, and we will contact you.

Facebook page:

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