Ranch in Mexico is looking for a couple of volunteers for agricultural activities

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Help at a ranch in Mexico โ€“ Hey! I am looking for 2 volunteers for August in Villa del Carbon, State of Mexico. Our project to create a greenhouse for low-cost vegetables, help us in corn harvesting and with the regular activities in the ranch, image improvement project for the ranch as well (video and photography).

Where: village in the state of Mexico, Villa del Carbon

Visita Villa del Carbรณn

Esperemos que todo pase rapido para volver a la normalidad, extraรฑamos a nuestros visitantes

Pubblicato da Rancho San Miguel su Sabato 9 maggio 2020

Announcement update 16th July 2020

I’m Erika from Mรฉxico, my parents run a small concept of accommodation in their ranch. They grow their own food, raise their animals, recycle materials, plant their corn, but now they need help. We need two volunteers to help us with daily activities. We offer accommodation in the attic, food every day, nice local experience.

It is a rural area, in the middle of the mountains, there are some archaeological settlements, historical ruins, and a lot of nature. We are accepting volunteers this month. For more details check the ‘CONTACT DETAILS’ section at the end of the article.

So we’re looking for:
  1. One creative person, with knowledge in greenhouses or construction or carpentry, help in corn harvesting and regular activities on the ranch.
  2. Another creative person, with knowledge in video and photography to improve the image of the ranch in social networks, help in corn harvesting and regular activities in the ranch.

We offer:
  • accommodation, food and transportation to the ranch from Tlalnepantla station (suburban train) round trip.

Improve your Spanish with us and enjoy the rural Mexican live.

** Minimum stay of two weeks **


This announcement was left in our FB volunteer group by Sam Eri

For more information, please contactย erika.samayoa@gmail.com
Thank you.

Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/RanchoSanMiguelMx/


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Author: Voluntouring staff

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2 thoughts on “Ranch in Mexico is looking for a couple of volunteers for agricultural activities

  1. Hi there, my name is Harvey, I’m 22 years old from England. I am looking for volunteer work in Mexico at the moment! I plan to be there as soon as I have arranged something.

    I hope you will be very interested as i am travelling with a friend of mine who is a great carpenter.
    Myself, I am an animal man at heart and have worked with all different types of animals but i always started with horses and farms. I also studied TV and Film for a year so have some skills and knowledge when it comes to digital media.

    Please do get in touch I would love to help

    Best wishes,


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